Friday, March 5, 2010

It’s not always easy to gauge when your children are ready to actively learn math, with each of my children the timing and approaches have been different while still remaining similar.

My oldest daughter learned counting and simple math fairly early, we incorporated music into our teaching approach and she picked up the concept quite easily. My middle daughter however, needed more time and a different approach in order to become interested in learning, but when she did finally become interested she was a math wiz in no time (and still enjoys math more at 7 than any other subject). My two year old son is very smart (yes I know, all mothers think that their children are smart, the difference is that mine IS smart) and very eager to learn. From watching children’s television shows aimed at learning to watching and trying to participate with his older siblings when they are learning he at two is just more eager to learn than any child I’ve seen. When I decided to start teaching my son math he was already so eager and knew so much that it made my job even easier and the fact that I utilized some great LeapFrog products to help me didn’t hurt either.leapfrog_dvd_math_adventure

Recently I was given the opportunity to review some great learning tools from LeapFrog, given the fact that I was beginning to teach my son math it was a perfect fit. Leapfrog is a brand I’ve known and trusted for years, when it comes to educational toys Leapfrog gets it! We had the opportunity to review a few items from LeapFrog; Math Adventure to the Moon DVD, Learn and Groove Counting Maracas, and the Chat and Count Cell Phone.

We own several LeapFrog DVDs and I have to say that I am more than pleased at the approach they take to teaching and making learning fun. Not only did my son and one year old daughter have a blast watching the DVD, they botLeapFrog Counting Maracas 1h were quickly counting along with the familiar characters.

My favorite item of the three is definitely the Learn and Groove Maracas; my one year old daughter loves that they make music and I love that they are teaching her to count with each playful shake. I especially appreciate that when in counting g mode your child is encouraged to count to 10 not only in English, but in Spanish as well. While learning is different for every child I’ve found that mine respond better to learning when music is involved and in my opinion the Learn and Groove Maracas are an excellent learning tool!

My kids’ favorite product from the trio is undoubtedly the Chat and Count Cell Phone, there was really never any doubt as they both love everything that resembles a phone. My son loves “chatting” with Scout and in no time was singing along and counting with the smart phone. I think incorporating math skills into a playful,, fun cell phone is a great idea and one that both of my younger children responded very positively to.100_5662

To learn more about these products you can visit the LeapFrog website.

I was sent the above mentioned products by LeapFrog to review. The opinions expressed are my own and were in no way influenced by the company.


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