Monday, March 8, 2010

A couple of weeks ago I took some time out to blog hop (something I wish I had more time to do) and came across a blog post over at Crazy Adventures in Parenting. Lisa had made some of the cutest crayons ever so I decided I had to try it…they came out so cute!

Kid-Friendly Crayons

What you need

  • Assorted broken and/or new crayons
  • Muffin tin
  • Sharp knife or box cutter

How To Make Them

Pre-heat oven to 250. Carefully cut the paper wrappers on the crayons with a razor blade or knife. Break crayons into small pieces and sort by like colors (or you get even more creative and mix the colors up). Place a fair amount of the broken crayon pieces into each of the muffin cups. Place in the oven until crayons are completely melted. Remove muffin tin from the oven and allow to cool. Remove crayons from the muffin tin.

Little Man and Ki Ki loved these crayons, they could finally color without the crayons breaking. This is a super easy craft and a great use for all of the broken crayons around the house!



This really was a fun, fast, and super easy craft project that made for hours of fun for the babies! Try it!


  1. This looks like fun. I think we have more broken crayons than whole ones anyway.

    thanks for sharing.

  2. Those looks fun. When i was a kid we made candles with old crayons..
    do they totally wreck the muffin tins?

  3. @mommytoalot you can see from the first photo I used an old muffin tin, while they didn't completely ruin the tin there was some wax left in the tin that was hard to get out, but not too much.


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