Thursday, December 17, 2009

All of my children have extremely active imaginations; my oldest daughter love to play restaurant and pretend that they are school teachers teaching a room of imaginary students, and that creativity has started to rub off on the babies.

A couple of weeks ago my son walked up to me with an empty plate and a smile and said, “Mommy eat pizza!” He had made me a pretend plate of pizza and couldn’t have been more proud of himself, it was then I knew that I needed to get both a play kitchen and lots of play food for my babies to get creative with.

Around the same time I received something from Gummy Lump toys to review that my kids were very excited about; the Slice and Bake Cookie Play Food Set by Melissa and Doug. I always get pretty excited when I find new places to buy toys for my kids and when I find toys that are the quality of this one. The Slice and Bake Cookie play food set is not only adorable it’s also wooden which means that it will undoubtedly last my destructive little ones rough play. The wooden set comes with 12 cookies, 18 adorable toppings, knife, spatula, cookie sheet, and kitchen mitt; everything your future pastry chef needs to serve up some fun!a_3936_4074_main

Of course the Slice and Bake Cookie Play Food set is not the only thing from Gummy Lump that I found and fell in love with…there was the Grocery Store and Lemonade Stand, and the Rock and Trot Plush Rocking Horse.

Buy it! You can purchase the Slice and Bake Cookie Play Food Set by Melissa and Doug on Gummy Lump’s website!

You can see this toy and many others in Misadventures in Baby Raising’s Holiday Gift Guide!


  1. Hard to ever go wrong with Doug and Melissa.

  2. The rocking horse is really cute, but wish it wasn't nearly $80.


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