Friday, December 18, 2009


As I mentioned in a post yesterday my oldest daughters love to play school, they also love to draw and be creative every chance they get. As a mother I feel its my job to nurture that creativity and I appreciate companies that make my job that much easier!

EXPO is a company that I have been faithful user of for a long time; not only do I love their products and appreciate their approach to creativity their products, in my opinion, are superior to their competitors. I’ve noticed that with other dry erase markers the smell is really very strong and being as sensitive as I am to smell this usually causes a major headache for me, but EXPO low odor markers do definitely live up to their low odor claim. My oldest daughters use their dry erase boards almost daily from practicing math problems to drawing masterpieces, it’s a great way for them to be creative and learn and it cuts down tremendously on the amount of paper in our house.

We received the Expo Low Odor 12 pack fine line markers and the Expo bright sticks wet-fluorescent markers to review.

Expo Low Odor 12 Pack Fine Line Markers

  • Smooth-flowing markers deliver crisp, consistent lines.
  • Intense colors are easy to see from across the room.
  • Certified AP nontoxic for safe use.
  • Average Retail Price: $15

Expo Bright Sticks Wet-Erase Markers

  • Provides clear, bright images on non-porous surfaces. Extra-bright, wet-erase fluorescent markers really stand out against black marker boards and ink looks neon under a black light.
  • Bullet tip for precision lettering.
  • Ink easily wipes off nonporous surfaces with a damp cloth.
  • Certified AP nontoxic.
  • Average Retail Price: $1914075_Sub

One gift that is always a big hit with my girls on Christmas is art supplies, and EXPO has so many amazing gift ideas that are perfect for your little artist! And I don’t know about you but a new pack of dry erase markers in my girls stocking on Christmas morning always puts a smile on their faces!

The Expo website also has a lot of great tips and fun uses for their markers so make sure you check that out here.

Buy it! Expo markers are available at mass retailers like Target and Walmart and just about everywhere art and teachers supplies are sold!


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