Saturday, January 17, 2009

So for weeks now (actually it's been longer than that, but there's no sense in me admitting that I'm that incompetent) I have been trying to make a button for my blog. Oh how I admired everyone else's buttons from a far...wishing and dreaming that one day I too would have one, but after many frustrating and unsuccessful attempts I had all but given up hope of having a button on my blog. Then a few days ago I was visiting my buddy Kel's blog and I read a post about her new blog button. Oh how I was I commeneted on how beautiful her button was and expressed my desire to have ione of my own...then yesterday as I was checking my email I noticed that I had an email from none other than Kel's button designer herself Keri @ Life of Logan and It Flickers Dimly (who by the way is a very funny lady who can write a pretty mean blog you have to check her out!) saying that she could make a button for me...and today when I checked my email I opened it up and saw the button that I have been so unsuccessfully trying to make for the longest time! So this is my Thank You to Keri! She's the greatest and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my button!


<a href="" target="_blank"><img border="0" alt="Photobucket" src=""/></a>

So you guys have to check out Keri's blogs and you know ya gotta put my button on your blog because...well...because it would just make my day to stroll over to your blogs and see my shiny new button there!


  1. You frickin' rock! Muchas grassy-ass for your kind words and the awesome linky love. Monsterous gratitude coming your way!

    Sorry about the mishap. My bad. I know the new code I emailed you works for certain. The proof is on my blog. So don't forget to update your code so other cool peeps can grab it!

  2. i will be the first to proudly post your button on my page...and i am jealous, cause i want a button too :)

  3. Keri...I am forever in your need something (though we both know my abilities are just ask!

    Wendy...thank you so much for posting my button...I think everyone should see Keri's handy work!

  4. Love the button..and ofcourse I grabbed it.
    going to check out those blogs now
    have a super Sunday

  5. Adorable button! Head over to the Diaper Duty Diary, there is an award waiting for you!

  6. Hey there..
    thanks so much for the kind words you wrote on my blog. I am not always sane..that is the
    I don't always have 7 kids...usually just 6.
    seriously though..if you only knew..
    i tried to email you..but coudlnt'..
    hugs and thanks for making me feel good

  7. I love to make buttons and blog designs when I'm not homeschooling the kids. I made a button for your site not to long ago but never put it up on my blog yet. I like having the buttons up of all the blogs I read so if they don't have one I make it myself. LOL
    Love the button -


  8. I grabbed your shiny new button. It's on the left of my blog under "awesome blogs". Woot it looks great!

  9. Thanks to all you guys that put my button on your blogs!


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