Monday, January 19, 2009

After yesterdays less than happy post on My Mommy Said I decided to do something fun today! I love music as I'm sure I've said before. Music to me is more than the music's about the lyrics (don't act so surprised, I love to write so focusing on the lyrics would be expected). When I hear a song and it seems to say everything I feel, think, want to say but don't seem to know how, I almost instantly feel better, because it makes me feel like I'm not alone, like someone else at some point in time felt the exact same way.

All that said I want to know what your favorite song is and why? Or what song do you think expresses you and your life? So come on I'm dying to see your answers!

For me it's a song by Staci Orrico (it's from a few years ago) "There's gotta be more to life" is the name of the song and it descrbies me to a tee...with of course the exception of the first line in the song...I most certainly do not think I have it all!


  1. I love your new pic! very pretty!

  2. Perfect song for you!!
    I too love lyrics

  3. i think my song at the moment that best describes me is that Meredith Brooks song that is a not a aword a mommy should say so i will let you fill in the blanks. but i love the song because it is just a word to her. and she owns it. she realizes she is not perfect and does not want to be. so that is me,at the moment anyway. :)

  4. Thanks Kel!

    Lisa I think that song perfectly describes me as well.

    Wendy I too LOVE that song...and for very much the same reason.

  5. Hmm the song that describes me gosh thats a hard question but a good one. Even though I just got married a few months ago, I've been with hubby for a long long time and that day still has me reeling (in a good way) so the song that describes my life at the moment would be the same one I walked out to (and no, it wasn't classical lol)'s "Feels Like Home to Me". Without telling waaaay too much of my life history, he's been more of a "family" to me than my own has. I was lonely before him, and now, being with him "feels like home to me." Sorry for being so sappy; I'm not usually like that.

  6. That is so sweet. And I can relate because my boyfriends family has been there for me so much more than my own family on several occasions as well.

  7. I will show my age when I say that my all time favorite for its lyrics is, without a doubt, Michael Jacksons' 'Heal the World'

    Every word rings in my heart, in my soul and in my beliefs. Google the lyrics and I'm sure you'll see what I mean.

    Otherwise I do like Madonna's classics, but I will confess, NOT because of the lyrics!!! Blush!


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