Saturday, January 3, 2009

I realized that my baby is growing up...My oldest daughter (who is almost 10) asked me to put make-up on her last night. So I know you're probably saying "Yea so?", but it's a huge deal! Taylor never wears make-up, in fact she has always hated it...but last night something happened. Maybe it didn't actually happen last night, it's probably been quite a while coming...I guess I was just unaware (maybe a little intentionally) of it until last night. One of Taylor's cousins called and asked her to go skating with her and a friend. As soon as she hung up the phone she was rushing around finding the cutest outfit, fixing her hair, and yes asking me to do her make-up. I have to admit I was a little sad, because I knew that it was the first of many nights out with her friends and without me, but I was also so happy because until very recently Taylor has been afraid to be away from me...last night was a big step for her. She'll be 10 next month and it seems impossible. It seems like just yesterday I was a new mommy who had this beautiful, precious little baby that I had no idea what to do instead of needing me to feed her she needs me to put make-up on her and do her hair? It's nuts. Time flies...before you know it your babies are all grown up and you look back and wonder where on earth the time cherish every single moment you have with them (even when it's 4 am and they are screaming and you haven't had 5 minutes sleep in 3 days) me one day we'll all look back and wish we were there again.

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    Hug and snuggle while you can.
    Thanks for sharing that special moment

  2. Honey, I know what you mean! They grow up so quick! It seems like yesterday my 13 year old was in diapers and I was rocking him to sleep. The good news is no matter how grown they think they are, the still run to momma for that security. Just last month Cordell ran his Dad out of bed and slept with me because he had a bad dream. (He would die if he knew I wrote this! Ha!) I cherish these moments especially now because they are getting fewer and far between but they still happen.

    P.S. I love your new background!

  3. She looks so pretty too.
    They sure do grow up fast. I was just thinking about that with my two oldest sons. It's a whole new ride the preteen years...but fun.

  4. Hey you..
    I feel so silly..i don't know your first name..I just called you misadventurous mommy.
    anyhow i have an award...for this blog..i know you have the same one..but heck..both your blogs are awesome and you need one for this blog..
    and thanks again

  5. Oh my, wearing makeup already! Kids do grow up so fast; I don't have any yet but watching our nieces and nephews grow up is wonderful and sad at the same time that they aren't the chubby-cheeked babies we loved holding for forever. :) She looks very cute. BTW, award for you at my blog. :-)

    Lazy Housewife


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