Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Every year around this time I sit down and make a list...a list of things that I resolve to do in the new year. Now ask me how often I actually stick to these resolutions...the answer...NEVER. Sure I write them with the best of intentions, but somewhere between writing them and when the clock strikes midnight on December 31st I seem to forget all about them. This year I've decided to be realistic in my approach to resolutions...instead of resolving to do what I know I will not I am going to resolve to do things I already do...just better! So here are my New Years Un-Resolutions for 2009.

  • Be more patient...Alright so this one I may or may not already do. I try to be patient, but when I have 4 kids screaming, diapers to be changed, laundry to be done, dinner to be made, and bottles to wash my patience can wear pretty thin.
  • Laugh more...This one I can definitely do! Laughing is so much more important than anyone wants to give it credit. Laughter is indeed the best medicine!
  • Cry less...I'm not sure about this one. 2008 was a pretty crappy year for the most part I sure hope that 2009 is better!
  • Help others...While I do try to do my part, I know that I can do more. This year I want to find a great cause that I believe in and help in any way that I can. I also want my children to get involved in charities, because I believe it is so important to give back as much as you can.
  • Fight for what I believe in...This year I am making it my personal mission to find a way to change the child support laws in our country. There are too many children not being supported by their dead beat parents and it needs to stop!
So what are you un-resolutions this New Year?


  1. You have some really great resolutions! I could definitely use the same ones. Hope you have a wonderful, safe New Years celebration. I will be asleep before midnight! LOL

  2. You have made some very rigid resolutions. I wish you hope and luck.
    I wish you courage in the fight for child support law changes.
    Have a peaceful New Year.


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