Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I really should be doing my homework right now, but I decided I had to post about this weeks episode of The Real Housewives because I am such an addict and I probably need help, but for now this is my rehab.

So since last season (well since Jo left) Tamra has been my favorite housewife...until this season. She seems to be so jealous of Gretchen and it's so catty and bitchy and mean. I personally love Gretchen and it ticks me off every single time she does or says something mean to her....I know, but I told you before that I have no life! Someone needs to remind her that she's how old (I know she's at least 40) and that what she's doing is something that a middle school kid does when she's jealous that someone stole her boyfriend...grow up! I should so go on the BRAVO message boards and let her have it!

Second Vicki needs to get off her high horse and leave every one else the hell alone. I can't decide who she's meaner to Gretchen or doesn't matter she's probably equally mean to both! And someone really needs to tell her that Tamra and Gretchen and Lynne probably saved her little show because if I had to sit and watch her and Jeanna for an hour I would rather turn on Noggin and watch Yo Gabba Gabba...I'm just saying!


  1. I haven't seen this latest season.
    LOL @ your comments though

  2. okay, so finally someone sees what i have been saying all along. I liked Tamra too in the beginning, but it's like the newlywed period wore off and she is worse than Vickie (and that is horrendous!) I had to DVR this lateset issue but I have just plopped down on my couch and will watch it shortly. i am with you on the whole needing a life thing, but what a fun way to pass the not so exciting hours in my life than to watch the drama of Housewives!!!!

  3. Lisa you need to get on the ball and watch it...I swear it gets crazier each week.

    Wendy I can not stand Tamra now and you know that the reunion is gonna be a knock down drag out cause Tamra liked to talk smack about everyone...should be interesting. Wow I really have no life!

  4. Girl, you know I LOVE that show! I have posted on the Bravo blogs before. I like Tamra but she is really being a catty biotch! She is VERY jealous of Gretchen because Gretchen is 30 to her 40. Hell, I am jealous too, but so what? It is not a reason to hate on her! She seems really nice. And Tamra is acting like a bratty 14 year old girl!

  5. And how old was the blond that took off with the other friends 23 year old son...was it Ryan ?
    To gt her waht cleaned ?..she mumbled something after downing the oyster at the dinner party.
    I'm sorry, which fork was I supposed to use ? lol


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