Saturday, December 20, 2008

So I do completely get that kids HATE cleaning their rooms...hell I hate cleaning MY room, but it must be done. My 6 year old is the worlds worst at giving me excuses for why she just cannot do it and over the years since she's been cleaning her room she has come up with some of the best excuses I've ever heard for why she can't possibly clean her room...I thought I'd share a few of my favorites with you!

5. "Because I have homework."...Alright this one actually sounds legit, except for the fact that she started using this one before she was ever in school. When I would patiently point it out to her that she wasn't in school yet she would tell me..."Well one day I will be and you don't want me to not do my homework do you?" I just smiled and handed her a trash bag!

4. "Because my teacher said that I have to go outside and play every day to be healthy."...Now it very well may be true that her teacher did tell the class this in some context, but I tried to explain to her that she could still clean her room and then go outside play, to which she responded with tears in her eyes..."Why don't you want me to be healthy Mommy? I thought you loved me." Now the "I thought you loved me." card is one that I wasn't expecting...I thought kids only pulled that one out when they became rotten, disobedient teenagers, so I had no idea how to respond to I did what any mother in that situation would do....I let her go outside and I cleaned her room....I know how bad that sounds but you had to see the look on her face!

3. "Because the other day my toy box told me if I put my toys in him he would eat them."...Now when she said this one she looked very serious which only added to the degree of difficulty in explaining that I knew it was not true..of course she had a response (for a 6 year old she's pretty quick with the comebacks)..."Well that's fine if you don't believe me, but when you have to buy me all kinds of new toys then I guess you will see!" She's an absolute pro at laying on the guilt trips as well!

2. "Because God said you have to be nice to your kids and making me clean my room is not being nice to me!"...She loves to make me feel bad! I calmly explained to her that even though God did want you to be nice you your kids he also wanted your kids to be nice to you...and that by her not cleaning her room she was being mean to me. I'm pretty sure this is the only time I actually got her because she didn't have anything to say after that...I should have taken a picture to memorialize the event, because Lord knows it hasn't happened since.

1. "Because if I clean it today it's just gonna be messy tomorrow and then we're gonna have to have this talk all over again!"...This much I can count on! How could I argue with that? I'll tell you how, I couldn't! I had no words of wisdom, no witty one liners, I just couldn't argue with the plain and simple truth. She had won...I had been defeated by my 6 year old...I am officially a pushover!


  1. I have a six year old girl too and she says that kids don't have to work until their adults. But she will do it if I offer her chore money. Its all about bribery around my house.

  2. she's coming up with these now..imagine what she'll say when she's older. The last one is so

  3. Wow those are great reasons for a 6 year old to come up with. LOL I might borrow some to use on the hubby when the house is a mess (but it's clean right now yay me).

    So Not Domestic

  4. What can I say...she's 6 going on 26. She says things sometimes that I can't even believe. And I nearly lost it when she told me her toy box talked to her...she's something else.

  5. Thanks for sharing the xcuses I will be on the look out for them here.
    always nice to be forewarned and try to stay 1 step ahead of kids.

  6. Hey Fran on The Nanny would be asking you if your little girl was not really a disguised Jewish Mother. I mean the little guilt trip thing. LOL. I actually grew up around the block from a Jewish Mother who used the guilt trip thing on her kids and I witnessed it many times when I was at her home with my mom. Oy!


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