Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Every year my family has our annual Christmas Party. My mother has 7 brothers and sisters and between them they have 24 kids and 16 grand kids. Needless to say parties in my family are always big, fun, and full of laughter! Every year the husbands take turns dressing up like Santa for the little kids. I decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce my two little ones to Santa Claus before they saw the "real" thing at the mall. This is what happened.
My daughter was oblivious (I'm not even sure that she realized she was transfered from on person to another) she sat there and possed for her picture like the lil angel she is.
My son on the other hand...wanted NO part of it. He screamed, cried, and kicked Santa before Mommy rescued him! I did manage to get a picture...Ah blackmail for those bad teenage years!


  1. awww how cute.
    I love it how they are oblivious the one year and terrified the next

  2. I know last year he loved Santa. Oh well guess we won't be going to the mall to visit him any time soon!

  3. I totally have this picture of LR. He was ok with Santa this year, but still unsure.


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