Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Something that a lot of you may not know about me, is that over the past few months I've lost a considerable (for me anyway) amount of weight!  Since my youngest daughter was born, five years ago, I've struggled with losing the extra baby weight, having always been a "skinny girl", it was extremely hard for me to come to terms with gaining and not being able to lose those extra pounds.  I've never been the type of person who liked working out and I absolutely detest going to the gym, but I knew that in order to ever see my pre-baby weight again, I was going to have to make the necessary positive changes to make that happen and yes, much to my dismay, that included exercising.

As silly as it may sound, when I decided to start exercising more, the first thing I realized was that I didn't even have the proper workout attire...always thinking like a woman, worried about what to wear.  I mean, I did own an insane amount of yoga pants (mostly because they are so comfortable and have an elastic waistband...don't judge, you know that's why you have so many in your closet too), but I didn't even own a sports bra, I told you I didn't like exercising.  So, in an effort to stick to my guns, I decided to shop online for some clothes worthy of working out, you know, because online shopping for those types of clothes is so much easier than walking into the actual store and looking like a deer caught in least it made sense to me. I'll be the first to admit, I literally had absolutely no clue what kind of clothes I needed to work out, I mean the last time I actually did it had to be in high school, unless you count that one time when I was trying to impress this guy I was dating so I kinda, sorta pretended that I was like some sort of workout queen...yeah, that didn't end well.  All I knew is that I needed yoga clothes, well, at least I thought that sounded like a decent enough search term to get me to where I wanted to go so I headed off to Google and stumbled across Sweaty Betty...I know, you love the name, right!?!  Before I knew it, I was knee deep in sports bras and yoga shorts and while I was completely out of my league, I did have to appreciate how cute all of the clothes were.  Right then and there I decided that if the working out thing fell through, then at least I'd have some majorly cute clothes to pretend to workout's the little things y'all! Another positive to ordering workout clothes online is that it buys you some more time and if you choose standard shipping, well, that buys you at least a week..always thinking ahead is the way to go in this situation.

Sweaty Betty

While I could go on and on about how cute the clothes were and my absolute and total resistance to the entire working out and losing weight thing I won't, instead I will say that I did buy workout clothes and yes, I actually put them on and got sweaty in them!  And you know what...I lost the weight!  I didn't do an insane diet, I didn't workout until I couldn't see straight, instead I made little changes like walking instead of driving and drinking more water and less sweet tea (this one I attribute to 99% of my weight loss) and it worked!   I am down 15 pounds and 4 pants sizes since deciding to make the necessary changes in my life and it all started with looking for cute workout clothes...yes my friends, we all have to start somewhere!

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  1. Wow girlie I'm so proud of you, that is a REALLY awesome achievement.


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