Thursday, September 5, 2013

You don’t have to be a working mom, or even a stay-at-home-mom, to find yourself being overwhelmed from time to time with everything you have going on and  trying to keep everyone on track and manage everyone's schedules can be harder than it should be.   However, it seems like no matter how hard you work at it, you can’t escape all those sudden and unexpected challenges, like a school closure, sudden snowstorm, sick child, broken faucet or flat tire – all of which can cause a major headache for your to-do list!


I constantly find myself trying to prioritize work (aka my blog) and family—and it’s often a huge challenge.  Because I juggle so many tasks and activities, ranging from cooking for my family, picking up after the kids, budgeting the finances and more, I always have the urge to find a trusted helping hand to help me out with every day chores. Now I am glad that I found

Chores Market is an online marketplace where you get your chores done by qualified, skilled people who you or your friends already know and at a fraction of the price! At Chores Market, you never have to hire anyone that you or your friends do not know and your chores are done quickly, easily and successfully – guaranteed and covered by a five-day warranty!


With Chores Market, you can be happy and confident that:

1. I can hire someone that I am connected to
2. I can ask for a referral for the person I am planning to hire
3. I can pay them direct by credit card
4. Chores Market pays the helping hands directly to their bank account, so I know they are not illegal workers.
5. I don’t have to pay an extra agency fee, because I can pay the person who does the work directly

Now I have more time to spend with my family and friends and can relax that my to-do list will get done with the help of my helping hands at Chores Market.

Right now, Chores Market is offering our first 10 readers who sign-up and post a chore on Chores Market a $10 Amazon gift card. For a chance to win, visit [], sign-up and then post a chore – it’s that simple!   Please leave a comment telling me that you’ve signed up with Chores Market and posted a chore to qualify! 

Good luck!
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