Monday, April 1, 2013


I’ve been a loyal fan of the Post-it brand for as long as I can remember.  There’s just something about being able to write myself a note or a reminder and sticking it exactly where I’ll see it, that just makes me happy.  I usually have a pile of Post-it notes on my desk and in various places throughout  the house and I even try to keep a stack  of them in my purse as well, but they usually just end up coming unstuck from each other and sticking to everything inside my purse.  I’ve hoped for products from Post-it that I can take with me (without having the entire contents of my purse stuck to them) forever and it seems like someone at Post-it finally heard my plea…alright maybe the people at Post-it came up with the idea for a mobile line without my help, either way, I’m already addicted to the Post-It Mobile Collection!

YES, you heard that correctly, the geniuses at Post-it have created an entire line of Post-it Mobile products.  Described as, “a line of Attach and Go products that work together to create a customizable on-the-go organization system”, the Post-It Mobile line includes “a variety of compact, functional Post-it Products including Pockets, Full Adhesive Notes, Flags, Tabs, Notes, Dispensers and Writing Tools that work together and help create a seamless and portable organization system”.  Being the Post-It addict that I am, I couldn’t wait to try out some of the products from the Post-it Mobile line and thanks to the awesome people at Post-it, I was able to do just that!Post-it Mobile Collage

The Post-it Mobile Collection includes the VisorPost-it ® Attach and Go Notes and Tabs Clip Dispenser and the Post-it® Mobile Attach and Go3 in 1 Pen, both of which clip to items that you take with you like a backpack.  The Post-it® Mobile Attach and GoCar Visor Pop-up Note Dispenser which clips to your car visor…the one is one of my favorites from the line.  For items that you carry with you like your laptop there are the CarryPost-it ® Mobile Attach and Go Full Adhesive Note Pad, the Post-it ® Mobile Attach and Go Flags Dispenser, Post-it® Mobile Attach and GoNotes and Tabs Dispenser and the Post-it ® Mobile Attach and Go Tabs Dispenser.  Last but not least the CompanyPost-it® Mobile Attach and GoInsert and the Post-it ® Mobile Attach and Go Pocket insert inside items that you take with you like a binder or planner.

Post-it sent me a variety of products from their new Post-it Mobile line and I couldn’t wait to get started trying them out!  It didn’t take very long for me to put a few of my favorites from the Mobile line to use, the Post-it® Mobile Attach and Go Dispenser is my absolute favorite product from the Mobile line, it conveniently clips onto my car’s sun visor and is always there when  I need it—I love it!  Another of my favorites from the Post-it Mobile collection is the Post-it® Mobile Attach and Go 3 in 1 which features a yellow highlighter, black pen and 50 flags, mine stays in my purse for easy access and definitely comes in handy when I’m studying away from home.  All of the products from the Post-it Mobile line cost less than $7 and are incredible convenient; whether you travel a lot for business or you’re a busy student on the go, you’ll definitely want to check out the entire line of Post-it Mobile products—bet you can’t buy just one!

Disclaimer:  I received the products mentioned above in order to facilitate this review…all opinions are my own!

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