Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I love Christmas, I know, I’m like a broken record, but it is just so true and I’m so excited by all of the Christmasy things that are going on right now (shopping, wrapping gifts, the lights, the baking, the gift giving) that I just can’t help but say it over and over.  One of the reasons I love Christmas most is because I love giving gifts to others, seriously, nothing makes me happier than to see a smile creep across someone’s face because of a gift I gave—I love that feeling.  While I always try to give a gift that I know the recipient will love, sometimes it’s a lot easier said than done and when I’ve run out of ideas and options and gift cards just seem too impersonal, I do still have a secret weapon—Personal Creations!


I’ve been a fan of Personal Creations for a while now and I am always blown away by the number of personalized items they carry and the quality of the finished product—I am always 100% satisfied when I place an order with them.  Since I have been a Personal Creations customer in the past, it only made sense for me to work with them on a review when I had the opportunity.  I would be lying if I told you that I wasn’t excited about working with personal creations—I was—and my experience with them for my review was much like the others I’ve had—totally awesome! 

I received a gift code to shop for an item (or two or three) from Personal Creations for my review and to be honest, the hardest part was sticking to budget (I always want to buy nearly everything I see on the website), but I did manage to get a few great gifts for some of the people on my list and still come in under budge—score!  I know you’re dying to find out what I bought, but first I want to tell those of you who might not be familiar with Personal Creations, a little more about them!

Personal Creations are “unique personalized gifts for life’s special occasions” and I think that is a great way to describe them as it is so fitting.  Personal Creations specializes in helping their customers give gifts that are “one of a kind” just like the people receiving them and they’re pretty darn good at it too.  They have a large selection of personalized gift items for all types of occasions including, personalized baby gifts, wedding gifts, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, Christmas gifts and SO much more!  If you’re looking for a gift as special as the person you’re giving it to, Personal Creations has something (and chances are a lot of something's) that’s perfect!

Back to my review, as I mentioned earlier, I had a $65 gift code to Personal Creations to shop for my review item so I took the opportunity to order a few gifts for a couple of people on my own holiday shopping list.  First up was my mother and my mother-in-law, both of which are incredibly hard to shop for.  I’m always stuck between buying my mother something that I would like and buying her something that she can look at but not really use and I was determined not to do that this year.  Since both my mother and my mother-in-law drink coffee in the morning, I decided to look at the selection of personalized mugs and found two that are absolutely perfect for them! 


I love that they are personalized with all of the grandkids names and for only $16.99 each (including personalization) you can’t beat it!  I love knowing that I’ll be giving our moms a gift that will bring a smile to their faces every time they use them and in my book, there’s no better gift than one that warms the heart and makes someone smile!  Since I’m already talking about glassware, I thought I’d tell you about  the cute personalized shot glass I order for my BIL Travis, he kinda collects them and when I saw the one below I immediately thought of him—I think he’ll like it…what do you think?


What do ya think?  I think they’ll be many shots taken from that glass this New Year’s Eve! 

Now onto the last gift I picked up from Personal Creations, I couldn’t resist looking through the personalized toys and I found the absolute cutest, most adorable plush bear even and I knew it would be perfect for Lil Diva.  The Pajama Bears come in either pink or blue and are adorable little brown bears dressed in bunny pajamas—it’s seriously the cutest bear ever!  I know Lil Diva will love her Pajama Bear to pieces and be so happy and proud that it has her name on it—done beautifully I might add.  If you have a little one who loves plush animals, in your life, you can’t do wrong with this, it’s too cute!


Now that you’ve seen my purchases and have heard me sing the praises of Personal Creations, I hope you’ll check them out for all of your personalized gift needs, they are simply the best and will be my go-to store for all of my personalized gift needs! 

You can “Like” Personal Creations on Facebook and Follow Personal Creations on Twitter for the latest news and product updates!  Also make sure you check out our 2012 Holiday Gift Guide for great last minute gift ideas!  Happy Holidays y’all!

Disclosure:  I received a gift code to Personal Creations to facilitate my review…all opinions are my own!


  1. Aww! Isn’t Mr. Pajama the cutest? Giving personalized gifts to the people that you care about is really one of the best ways to make them feel that we love them. Though it’s easier said than done, it’ll all be well worth it once you see the smiles on their faces!

    Alan Holaday


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