Friday, December 28, 2012

bio-scriptives logoLiving with two teenagers is definitely a challenge, if they’re not thinking up new ways to push my buttons, then their overactive teenage hormones are making the entire house wish we lived somewhere, anywhere, else.  With all of those hormones going a mile a minute in every conceivable direction, I kind of feel sorry for them and the journey they’re on at the moment, especially when it comes to the dreaded P—you know, pimples.

Unless you were born with pimple resistant genes (and curse those who were), you’ve probably experienced a pimple or two in your lifetime and unfortunately for teenagers, a pretty good part of the teenage years, are spent battling them.  While I never really dealt with bad breakouts until after I had my oldest daughter, I did have a few experiences in high school that I’d rather forget (nothing like trying to cover a pimple on the tip of your nose on picture day) so I know that breakouts are no fun, especially in high school.  My step-son and oldest daughter both suffer from breakouts from time to time and try as I might, I’ve not been able to find a product that actually works, that they’ll use, I blame it on them being too lazy.  So when one of my favorite PR people asked me if I was interested in reviewing a one-step acne treatment called Repiderm, it seemed like a no brainer. 

About Repiderm…

Repiderm is an anti-acne and anti-blemish treatment that's single-step, unlike other treatment systems that require multiple steps and expensive lineups of individual products. Repiderm stands on its own with a proprietary blend of 16 herbal extracts and essential oils, as well as 4.4% benzoyl peroxide. It works for people with dry skin as well because it has moisturizing components, like aloe. It helps alleviate acne, blackheads, whiteheads and pimples. It's great for pre-teens and teens because the single step means there's nothing complicated about it.


As any parent of a teenager will tell you, the simpler, the better when it comes to getting them to use a product, even a product that will get rid of the very pimples they hate…if it’s not one simple process, they’re probably not going to use it, at least in my experience.  I received a few bottles of Repiderm to try out so I gave both Drama Teen and L a bottle and told them to use it morning and night after showering and before going to bed.  Honestly, I had my doubts about them using the product, because seriously, they are that lazy, but to my complete surprise they have both been using it.  I could tell you all day what I think about the product, but I think hearing it from them might be the way to go with this one.

Drama Teen’s thoughts on Repiderm…

“I like that Repiderm is easy; you don’t have 5 different steps and lots of different products so I like that.  I don’t love the smell of the product, but it’s easy and it seems to be helping so I think I can live with the smell.”

Step-Son L’s thoughts on Repiderm…

“It’s alright I guess.  I like that it’s easy and I don’t have to walk around with white dots on my face!”

If you have a teenage boy, then you know that, that glowing endorsement is as good as it gets!  I decided to join both of the teenagers in using Repiderm to see how I like it compared to the other products that I’ve tried and I have to agree with them in that it is super easy, especially when you’re used to using a skincare system that has like 10 steps and products.  Besides being extremely easy to use, Repiderm is one of the only acne products I’ve ever used that doesn’t dry my skin and honestly, that fact alone is enough for me to strongly consider pitching those other products.


If you or someone you know suffers from acne, I definitely suggest giving Repiderm a try.  Repiderm is available in a full size 2 oz. bottle for $27 and can be ordered online via the Bio-Scriptives website.

Disclosure:  I received the products listed above in order to facilitate my review…all opinions are my own!


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