Thursday, December 27, 2012

I love brands that give back, in fact, I’m always more than willing to give up a little space here on my blog to help spread the word for such companies so I thought I’d tell you about a great imitative between Vitamin Angels and FLINTSTONES Vitamins called 10 Million Stronger.

FLINTSTONES Vitamins is one brand that’s focusing on charity this season.  When you hear the FLINTSTONES Vitamins name, you probably think of their iconic jingle “10 million strong and growing.” The children’s multivitamin brand has been dedicated to helping kids grow strong and healthy for more than 40 years and, in that same spirit, they’ve now teamed up with Vitamin Angels to launch 10 Million Stronger – a charitable initiative aimed at delivering essential vitamin A to 10 million children worldwide suffering from vitamin A deficiency.


To kick off 10 Million Stronger, FLINTSTONES Vitamins will donate $300,000 to Vitamin Angels in 2012 to help fund essential vitamin A for more than 1 million children in need, but the brand needs your help! You can help support 10 Million Stronger by making a donation of 25 cents or more at and of course by spreading the word whether it be via Facebook, Twitter or word-of-mouth.

Vitamin A deficiency is a serious health issue for children worldwide, and many may not know that it’s an underlying cause of child mortality and blindness. Two high-dose vitamin A capsules can provide one child with sufficient vitamin A for 12 months. In fact, a donation of just 25 cents will protect a child for a year.

We had the chance to try out FLINTSTONES Vitamin Gummies and I must say, the gummy vitamins are the only vitamins I can get my children to take without a fight—they love them!  Next time I pick up a bottle of FLINTSTONES Vitamins at the store, I’ll do so knowing that they are doing their part to make 10 million childen worldwide grow stronger and that makes it easy to support the brand!

I hope y’all will check out the initiative on Facebook and donate if you can, or just help spread the word with your family and friends!

Disclosure:  I received the product mentioned above in order to facilitate this review…all opinions are my own!


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