Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I’ve mentioned a few times now how much I love my iPhone—it’s seriously sick how much I love this thing.  Part of loving my iPhone is wanting to make it look oh-so-pretty—who doesn’t love pretty things…right—but unfortunately, mine has been stuck in an ugly protective case since the day I bought it (if you know me you know that I destroy cell phones like it’s my job).  I’ve wanted to change my case up for a while now I just hate having to spend all kinds of money and only getting one option—that’s why I was stoked when I found Under the Rainbow Media and the DayCase!rainbow-logo

I can’t say anything about Under the Rainbow Media and the Day Case, without mentioning Erika, owner of Under the Rainbow Media, LLC and the founder of DayCase, lover of all things Apple (me too!!) and mom!  Along with her teenage daughter (the Chief Design Consultant), 4 year old Chief Product Tester, her husband who is also “the Visionary” and two very cute doggies, Erika creates the cutest cell phone cases I’ve seen in a long time. 

So I know you all want to know what a DayCase is…right?  Well, the DayCase  “is a fun and affordable line of cases.  It is simply 1 case with a clear, see through hard back.  You place the predesigned or custom DIY inserts into the case anytime you wish to have a different look for your case.  The Insert Collections are sold in sets of 3, so basically you are getting 3 cases for the price of 1 every time you order a new collection.” And I don’t know about you, but getting 3 cases for the price of 1 is a definitely plus in my book!   Standard inserts are made of a heavy duty grade card stock, but Erika assures you that they won’t rip or tear as long as you show them a little love.  If you’re still worried about ripping or tearing the inserts, they do offer an upgrade to the standard inserts.  The upgraded inserts are made of synthetic paper made from a polyester film. This paper is tear, water and chemical resistant. The film has a special two-sided coated matte finish and a paper-like appearance. Aside from the completely adorable premade inserts for the iPod Touch 5th Generation, the iPhone 4 and 5, and the Samsung Galaxy s3, you can also have your DayCase personalized with everything from your initials to your company logo—how awesome is that!


Recently I had the opportunity to try a couple of the DayCase Bumper cases (one in black and one in white) along with a ton of super cute inserts and I have to tell you, I really love this product!  I really love that I can easily attach and remove the DayCase from my iPhone to change inserts (the case that I had been using prior to the DayCase was a nightmare to take off and put back on), there are a ton of insert designs and patterns to chose from so being bored with your case isn’t likely to happen.  {Plus, this is perfect if you have a teenager with an iPod Touch, iPhone, or Samsung Galaxy s3—makes a great holiday gift!}.  I’ve received so many compliments on my phone case, the “Of Course I’m a Good Mother, They’re Still Alive Aren’t They” seems to be a favorite and I love that I can change the inserts out, every day if I wanted to, to reflect my mood!  They also have a ton of holiday inspired inserts that would be perfect this winter!


You can check out Under the Rainbow Media on Facebook and Follow The DayCase on Twitter for the latest product news and updates!  Also, make sure you head over to and check out the DayCase in our 2012 Holiday Gift Guide!


You can purchase the DayCase Bumper case Bundle for iPhone 4 for $27.99 and that includes your choice of One Insert Collection set (each insert collection comes with 3 designs/patterns)!  You can also pick up a set of 3 inserts for less than $5!

Disclosure:  I received the products mentioned above in order to facilitate my review…all opinions are 100% my own!


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