Friday, November 30, 2012

Basketball is big around our house, as is baseball and football and even soccer, but basketball seems to be king at the moment and with 3 of the 5 children living in our house playing basketball for their schools, our schedules are crazy busy this time of year.  As with most things, my children insist on looking their best while playing basketball and despite me constantly questioning how looking good has any effect on their game, they keep right on insisting that they look their best, right down to their armbands.  When  I received a pitch a couple of weeks ago for something called the Fan Band, I was instantly intrigued and when my kiddos saw it, well they all screamed (almost in perfect unison) “I want one!” and when the awesome PR people at Fan Band told me that they could send each of the kids a Fan Band, well they all 3 pretty much said I was THE coolest mom ever…well duh!


If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering what a Fan Band is…right?  Well, it’s a licensed armband that’s made to look like the jerseys (front and back) of some of the biggest NBA and MLB players.  Each Fan Band is embroidered with a miniature replica of a team or player’s jersey and I have to admit, they’re pretty cute.  At $14.99, they make a great stocking stuffer for the sports fan in your life and they make a great, more cost effective alternative to pricey player jerseys.  Fan Band has a variety of NBA and MLB team armbands available, with more coming soon, you can check out the list of available Fan Band jerseys below…

Available NBA Fan Bands
Available MLB Fan Bands
Boston Celtics - Garnett
Boston Celtics - Pierce
Boston Celtics - Rondo
Chicago Bulls - Rose
Los Angeles Lakers - Bryant
Los Angeles Lakers - Blank
Miami Heat - Wade
Miami Heat - James
Miami Heat - Bosh
Orlando Magic - Blank
Atlanta Hawks - Horford
New York Nicks - Stoudemire
Atlanta Braves - Jones#10
Boston Red Sox - Ortiz #34
Boston Red Sox - Pedroia #15
Detroit Tigers - Cabrera#24
Los Angeles - Hunter #48
New York Mets - Wright #5
New York Mets - Santana #57
New York Yankees - Teixeira #25
New York Yankees - Swisher #33
New York Yankees - Sabathia #52
New York Yankees - Rivera #42
New York Yankees - Jeter #2
New York Yankees - Rodriguez #13
Philadelphia Phillies - Utley #26
Philadelphia Phillies - Howard #6
Philadelphia Phillies - Halladay #34
Chicago Cubs - Soriano# 12
San Francisco Giants - Lincecum

Like I said before, almost as soon as my children seen them, they wanted one, actually I’m pretty sure they all wanted one before they even knew what they were simply because they looked cool.  Even my 13 year old step-son who is not at all easily impressed was excited about it, I’m pretty sure that’s a minor miracle in itself so well played Fan Band, well played!  The very nice people at Fan Band sent 3 Fan Bands for my kiddos who play ball and when they got here they were more than excited to put them on.  My step-son had a few of his friends over when the Fan Bands came in the mail and he couldn’t wait to show them how “bad” (which I ‘m pretty sure means awesome, they were.  My 5 year old had his first basketball practice the same day and he couldn’t wait to show his friends, I even had a couple of the parents ask where they could get one!  Now when the kids have practice they make sure to grab their gym bags and their Fan Band, I’m pretty sure that means they like them!

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You can pick up your own Fan Band online for $14.99 at the Fan Band website.

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