Monday, November 26, 2012


One of my favorite things about the holiday season is giving gifts to others, but my favorite thing is finding something that perfectly expresses how you feel about the other person, it’s rare, but it’s possible.

Typically, I’m Christmas shopping for my children so jewelry isn’t usually at the top of my list, but with Drama Teen and Sporty Spice getting older, I notice requests for new jewelry for birthdays and Christmas, more and more.  When I do decide to indulge the girls, I really like for the pieces to have some kind of special  meaning behind them, so when I discovered Chamilia, or they discovered me rather, I knew it would become a fast favorite.  chamilia-bracelet

About Chamilia…

Chamilia is a personalized accessory brand who creates “extraordinary, innovative jewelry for the woman with an eye for fashion”.  Unique designs and exceptional quality, helps set Chamilia apart from other brands, while also helping to make them one of the fastest growing jewelry brands in the world.  Their “collection of premium beads and accents, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings celebrates individuality, letting women personalize every design to reflect their own lives and styles.”

Co-Founder and Designer Killian Rieder, graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology and has worked with some of the biggest names in fashion including Polo Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger.  Chamilia was created out of Killian’s desire to give women the opportunity to express themselves in a meaningful, creative, beautiful way and each new season brings new styles and new ways to find the creative designer in you.


When I was asked to do a review for Chamilia, I knew the perfect person to design a bracelet for, my daughter Sporty Spice.  Sporty Spice is very, well, sporty, but she also has a fashion sense that I’ve personally never seen in a 10 year old, seriously, Ralph Lauren should be calling her—the girl is good.  Given her affinity for shiny things, I knew that she would be the perfect recipient for a bracelet from Chamilia.  There are several different types of bracelets to choose from, we chose the Silver Snap Bracelet, measured SS’s wrist and then got down to the business of choosing a bead.  Since I wanted the bracelet to be something that she could keep and add to throughout the years I wanted to start with a bead that I thought captured her spirit and when I found the A Dream is a Wish bead I knew it was perfect, not only was it glittery (something SS loved about the bracelet) it was also a song  from my all-time favorite Disney movie Cinderella—it was perfect!  Of course, Chamilia has SO many beautiful, meaningful beads to choose from so that you’ll find something perfect for everyone on your list (these make such great holiday gifts).  Between the bracelet, which is perfectly beautiful on its own and the bead, which is absolutely stunning, I love this bracelet and I especially love the fact that the bracelet can be added to later on by me or anyone else who wanted to give SS a special gift—I just know that this is one jewelry item she’ll always treasure.

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Disclosure:  I received the item above in order to facilitate my review…all opinions expressed are my own!


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