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Hey all you moms and dads out there—are you ready for back-to-school?  If the answer was a big, fat NO don’t worry, we’ve got all of the latest back-to-school styles, supplies and tips to help you get your little one back to school with ease…welcome to our 3rd annual Back-to-School Blowout!!!  heelys logo

If there’s one thing that all of my children are super picky about for back-to-school, it’s their shoes.  As a general rule, my kids tend to shy away from starting an argument with mom, but when it comes to their shoes, they all hold their ground…especially Sporty Spice.

If you read my blog often, or if we’re friends on Facebook, you may remember me talking about how Sporty Spice is a completely awesome runner (can you say no less than Top 10 in every race, with adults, she’s ever ran in?), she’s seriously one of the most athlete people I know.  Sporty Spice is definitely one of those children who are always on the go; if she’s not running, swimming or playing basketball, she’s probably outside giving the younger kids in our neighborhood a softball lesson.  Given the fact that SS is so athletic, I knew that she would be the perfect person to help me with a review from one of my kids’ favorite brands…Heelys!

My oldest girls have been fans of Heelys for a while now and I have to admit, they’re really cute and lots of fun for the kids.  Last month Heelys announced the addition of three new lines to the Heelys family—a first in company history—an athletic shoe, a shoe made just for girls and a street shoe with improved heels.  heelys-comet

• The first new line features athletic shoes that are substantially lighter than traditional Heelys, making them ideal for students who play sports or have active lifestyles.

• The shoes in the second line look more like street shoes than any of the previous Heelys. They have low profile "skate outsoles" that make skating easier.

• The third new footwear line, called "Lifestyles," was designed especially for females. It includes more fashion-forward colors and styles. Heelys has never designed a line just for girls/women.

We recently had the chance to check out a pair of shoes from Heelys' Fall/Winter collection and I knew just the child to help me do the review…Sporty Spice!  In addition to being a completely awesome athlete, SS is also a wannabe fashionista, if she’s not starting the next big trend in her school, then she’s making absolutely certain that her outfits are unique, fun, funky and complete her.  Since SS has a style all her own, I thought it would be fun for her to pick out her favorite pair of Heelys from the Fall/Winter collection, that thought was short lived however, when it took her nearly an hour to finally decide on her “favorite” pair.  SS chose the Comet style in black from Heelys Classic Line and instantly fell in love with them—seriously, I can’t get her to take them off. 

Features of Heelys Comet:

*Molded Heelys logo on quarter panel

*Patent leather accent panel on heel

*Foil transfer star design and molded Heelys logo on quarter panel

*FATS low profile wheel with ABEC 1 bearings






When SS received the package containing her Heelys, she could barely contain herself and when she finally got them out of the box and onto her feet she was out the door to try them out in the driveway—a couple of spills (which were complete user error) and a few near misses later, SS was whizzing around the driveway like a pro. 


While SS was more concerned about how well the Heelys performed and how “cute” they looked on her feet, I was concerned about safety and how well the shoes were made…turns out I had very little cause for concern.  Though the soles of the Heelys SS received are a little thicker than most athletic shoes, something that worried me a little with SS being so active, she seems to walk (and roll) in them with ease…a definite plus in my book.  Since safety is a major issue with me, especially with SS being a runner, I always insist that she wear her helmet and safety pads (though in the video below she wasn’t wearing them since we were inside),and so far so good.  SS thought it would be fun to make a little video demonstrating how to insert the wheels in Heelys and she even shows off a few of her moves…enjoy!


I must admit, I love the fact that Heelys can be worn with and without the wheel and the ease with which they can be inserted and taken out, definitely makes them that much more appealing to not only me, but SS as well.  If you’re kiddo is a fan of Heelys, then make sure you check out their new Fall/Winter lines they’re available now so make sure you get them while they’re hot…they’ll definitely thank you big time!

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Buy It!

You can pick up the Heelys Comet style for $59.99 and are available in sizes Youth (12C-6) and Adult (7-9).

Disclosure:  I received the item described above from the company or PR to facilitate my review…all opinions are 100% my own.


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