Thursday, August 23, 2012

Back to school is exhausting; between shopping for school supplies, meeting teachers, and filling out the mountains of paperwork my kiddos bring home, I’m ready for a break and it’s only the first day. 
It really is no wonder that my husband and I always start dreaming of topical vacations and hotels in Waikiki as close to the sand as we can get.  Of course, having 5 kiddos that kind of depend on us everyday, means that the closest thing we’re getting to a tropical vacation is a piƱa colada at one of the local bars…sounds romantic doesn’t it?

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Seriously though, I’ve dealt with back-to-school through two children now, you'd think I would be a little better at it—sadly, that is not the case this year.  I’m not sure if it’s the realization that my oldest daughter will be a Freshman in high school next year, or that Lil Diva is only a little over a year away from starting kindergarten, but so far this whole back to school thing has been a little  overwhelming. 
I’m sure that my tropical vacation is years away from becoming a reality, heck, our children thought it was the end of the world last year when my husband and I took a weekend trip without them…there’s no way we’re getting the green light for Hawaii for quite a few years…bleh! 

Thankfully I can day dream about white sand, killer cocktails and hot guys with surf boards (did I really say that out loud?) till my heart’s content…this one’s gonna take a while! 


  1. haha, I hear ya... even with 1 child now hubby and I can't get away on our own. (whenever we travel she insists she HAS to be with us...) hoping you get your trip soon, or even just a little R & R with the 2 of you-back to school season is so hectic that I need to relax and I only have 1 in school now lol.

    1. I firmly believe that it doesn't matter if you have one or ten...every mom needs a break and back-to-school is the one time of year that I actively feel drained nearly every day...hopefully by the time October rolls around I'll be back in the groove!


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