Tuesday, January 24, 2012

If you’re a regular reader then you probably know that our family has added two new additions to our family recently, no, I didn’t get pregnant and not tell you all; we added our rambunctious puppy Max and our adorable little fur ball Rocky to our brood!

While I have introduced all of your to our puppy Max, I don’t think I’ve told you about how we came to adopt him or how he received his name!

At the dinner table one night in December, my husband asked me a question, in passing, about a photo that one of our mutual Facebook friends had uploaded.  Since I rarely have time to think, let alone stalk Facebook all day, my answer was a simple no.  Now this is the point where my husband usually goes back to eating and watching Two and a Half Men, but this time was different, he kept talking and we all knew that something major was about to happen (because he rarely says three words to anyone during dinner).  “She put a pic up of the puppies that her dog just had—they were cute!”  Alright, now I knew something was definitely up because Jamie doesn’t say cute—like, ever!  I knew exactly where the conversation was going as soon as I looked at him, fumbling with his iPhone looking for the picture—we were getting a puppy…no matter what I thought of the pic!
It didn’t take much begging on Jamie’s part to convince me to say yes to a puppy—all he had to do was show me the cutest picture I’ve ever seen…


I told you, serious cuteness!  When our friend told my husband that she had one puppy that wasn’t spoken for my husband told her he wanted him before I could even agree or disagree. As soon as we found out which puppy would be coming home with us, my heart melted!  That fuzzy little cutie in the top right hand corner was our new puppy and the entire family was already in love even before he came home!

The next night all of our kiddos stood guard at the front door waiting for Daddy to come home with their new puppy.  All day we tried to come up with a name that would fit our new puppy.  Many names were tossed around including; Puppy (which was Lil Diva’s contribution), Cash (you know, as in Johnny Cash, Dog (pronounced dee-oh-gee…that was my husbands offering, go figure), and Max (short for Maximus).  All of the kids went back and fourth unable to choose a name to fit our new fur baby, soon arguments started and I knew that if one child’s name were chosen over another chaos would ensue.  So, being the completely brilliant mommy that I am decided that I would choose our puppy’s name.  I have to be honest and tell you that even I had a hard time deciding on a name; I loved the name Maximus, but knew that one or two of the kiddos would have a hard time saying the name.  The more I thought about it, and the more Iooked at the picture, I knew that Maximus was the perfect name for our new family member, so I settled on Max ( a name that all of the children could say).  When I announced our new puppy's name to the kiddos they were so very excited and even more anxious for Max’s arrival.

When Max arrived at the house with Daddy we were actually at a Christmas parade, but as soon as the kiddos found out that Max was at home the parade was old news and they couldn’t get home fast enough!  I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, but Max is adored by all of us and his name is perfect…he’s definitely a Max!


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  1. Max is adorable - I can see why your family fell instantly in love with him!


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