Friday, December 2, 2011

I hope everyone is ready for more awesome holiday gift guide goodness—because I have lots to share!image

It wouldn’t be a holiday gift guide without including our furry four-legged friends! 

Our dog Brownie is like a member of the family; he’s been with us since he was barely old enough to leave his mommy (someone left him on our doorstep cold, hungry, and so adorably sad that we couldn’t help but love him the instant we laid eyes on him) and I couldn’t imagine life without him!  We’ll be adding to our fur babies tomorrow with the edition of an adorable little puppy (he’s a mutt just like Brownie, but he too is just too cute for words) who doesn’t have a name yet (I’ll share pics as soon as Jamie brings him home and we find him a name!

Since I know so many people include their pets in their holiday shopping I thought I’d share with you a couple of awesome products just for your four-legged friends this holiday season!

SmartBones are premium, non-rawhide bones—SmartBones are the next generation dog chew, they have all of the benefits of rawhide—without the rawhide!

Features of SmartBonesimage
*  Great taste
*  Safe—rawhide-free
*  Made with real, dried chicken breast
*  Chewing activity promotes healthy dental care
*  First chew of its kind to be fortified with vitamins and minerals

SmartBones are available in 3 great flavors; chicken, peanut butter, and dental and provide your dog with needed chewing exercise and great taste.  Smart Bones are available in 4 sizes; mini, small, medium, and large and range in price from $5.49 for an 8 pack of mini SmartBones to $125 for a case (12 count) of 3 pack large SmartBones!

We recently had the chance to try out SmartBones and I couldn’t wait to see what Brownie thought!  Brownie doesn’t normally have anything to do with rawhide bones; we give him one, he sniffs it, picks it up and drags it over to his dog house where it lays, untouched until another more interested creature drags it off!  Given his distaste for rawhide I was a little unsure how Brownie would react to the SmartBones, but give it a try anyway.  Brownie seemed very interested in the SmartBone that I gave him right away, even my daughter Savanna noticed the difference, and to be completely honest I couldn’t believe that he was actually investigating the bone, but when he started chewing on it I knew then and there that SmartBones were definitely different than rawhide and Brownie liked them—a lot!  Surprised isn’t really the right word—shocked is more accurate! 

Do you have a four-legged friend who loves to chew, but doesn’t like rawhide?  Then you should definitely try SmartBones! 


You can purchase SmartBones online at the SmartBones website!

Now I have another great pet product to share with all of you—this is for all of you cat lovers (that would be me—I adore cats)!


SureFlap is a cat door that recognizes the ID chip already implanted in your cat and allows your pet access to your house while keeping unwanted visitors out! 


*  Works with cat’s existing microchip
*  Compatible with most common microchips
*  No collar or tag to get lost or snagged
*  Battery powered
*  Elegant modern design

SureFlap Facts!

SureFlap Microchip Cat Door Fact Sheetclip_image002

· SureFlap allows only cats whose microchips are stored within the product to enter a home.
· SureFlap is powered by 4 AA batteries and only powers up when a cat tries to enter/leave a home.
· SureFlap works with a cat’s existing FDXA, FDXB or Avid Secure/Encrypted microchip (these encompass the vast majority of microchip types).
· SureFlap will work even if a cat wears a collar with a metallic bell or tag.
· A cat’s microchip identity will still be stored in SureFlap even if batteries are not installed in the unit.
· SureFlap is currently available in white and brown.
· SureFlap stores the unique microchip identities of up to 32 cats.
· SureFlap is compact and suitable for most cat breeds with its 5.59” wide by 5.39” tall entry portal.
· SureFlap is easy to install in doors, windows and walls and glass mounting and wall installation kits are available.
· SureFlap may be purchased for $149.99 plus shipping and handling at

Now I have a big surprise for one MIBR!  WhiteFlap_Profile_DoorOpen


One MIBR reader is going to win a SureFlap Microchip Cat Door (a $149.99 value)!  Check out the contest details and enter using the Rafflecopter Entry form below!


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