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Lil Man and Lil Diva have been sleeping in the same room as my husband and I since they were babies and it’s been an issue that I’ve been trying to find a solution to for the longest time now.  SleepBuddy-logo

Lil Man has been co-sleeping with my husband and I since he was a little over a year old (he’s 4 now) and it has been a nightmare.  I know that a lot of parents advocate co-sleeping, but honestly it has not been a pleasant experience for my husband and I and it is not a decision that I would ever make again—if I were crazy enough to ever have another baby—and I am SO not! 

Last month I decided that I had to get the babies out of our room and into their own room so with many reservations and visions of it not going well at all we just decided one Friday night that it was time!  We made a big deal out of Lil’ Man and Lil’ Diva sleeping in their own room and in their own beds and they actually seemed to be excited about being “big kids”—that is until it actually came time to sleep in their own room…and then it went from zero to full-on temper tantrum in about 2.6 seconds! 

The first few nights the temper tantrums lasted for so long that my husband actually gave in and put  them in our room—not what I would have done, but I did understand his reasoning.  Though the temper tantrums did finally calm down considerably, we still had problems with both children getting out of their beds in the middle of the night and extremely early and getting into our bed.   It seemed like the whole sleeping in their own room thing was not going to happen—and then the FedEx man arrived with something that changed everything—SleepBuddy!

As parents, we know that sleepless nights are just part of the job, but sleepless nights can be (and in my case are) a thing of the past since I started using SleepBuddy! 


What is SleepBuddy?

SleepBuddy is a complete system that helps parents and caregivers teach healthy sleep habits in children age 1 1/2 to 6 years old.

SleepBuddy is for children who are:

*  In the crib and moving to a bed within 1-2 months
*  Currently transitioning from a crib to a bed
*  Sleeping in a bed, but not staying through the night

The main feature of SleepBuddy is a soft blue light that sits on a table or dresser.  The light turns on when children are to stay in bed and turns off at the time you designate for them to get out of bed.  Memory settings for both nap and nighttime make the SleepBuddy system extremely easy to use—no remembering to turn the SleepBuddy off and on!

Each SleepBuddy system also includes:

*  A children’s story to introduce the SleepBuddy idea to your child(ren), encourage quaility interaction, and reinforce healthy sleep habits
*  A rewards chart to track and reward progress
*  An easy-to-use parent’s guide provides step-by-step approach towards sleep success

I have to admit, like with most things, I was a little skeptical of the SleepBuddy system actually working for my children.  The first time we used the system was as soon as it arrived (yes, I was desperate for 5 minutes of quiet).   Lil’ Man and Lil’ Diva have not actually taken naps since they were little babies and I while I didn’t actually expect them to go to their beds and instantly fall asleep just because of the SleepBuddy system, I was hoping that they would at least stay quietly in their room for 45 minutes or an hour.  So, I presented the kids with the SleepBuddy system (I love that it comes wrapped as a present—the presentation actually got both Lil’ Man and Lil’ Diva excited to see what was inside) and when they opened it they were excited to find out what what the SleepBuddy did.  So we went into their room, plugged in the SleepBuddy unit (I set their sleep and wake time for their nap), the babies got in bed (very happily I might add) and I read them the included story!  After what seemed like a million questions from Lil’ Man, I left the room, fully expecting the children to follow me out (like they normally do) but to my complete surprise (and that’s putting it mildly—I was shocked) the stayed in their room until the light went off 45 minutes later!  My kiddos didn’t actually take a nap, but they did “get” the whole concept of what the SleepBuddy system was all about and I was able to spend 45 uninterrupted minutes working—it was glorious! 


We’ve been using the SleepBuddy system for a couple of weeks now for naptime (which still isn’t truly naptime) and nighttime and I am very happy to say that with the exception of a few bad nights—both of my lil’ ones have not only been sleeping in their own room, but staying in bed all night and not waking me up at the crack of dawn climbing into bed with my husband and I!  If you knew my children, you would know that this is nothing short of a small miracle!  I seriously wouldn’t have believed that something as simple as a light (and though there is so much more to the SleepBuddy system it is essentially the light that lets my children know when to stay in bed and when to get out of bed) could help teach my kiddos a healthy sleep schedule if I hadn’t actually used the system myself, but it definitely does work!  I would recommend the SleepBuddy system to every parent who has had trouble with getting their children to go to bed and stay in bed!


The SleepBuddy system retails for $39.99 and is available online at and Sleep Buddy ~ Sleep Training System for Toddlers & Pre-schoolers

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