Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Remember back this summer when I was so super excited about my new car?  Well, it turns out that my excitement was very short lived and that super, awesome car that I loved a few short months ago is now not my most favorite thing!


When my husband decided to trade in my gas guzzling Expedition I ‘m pretty sure I shed a tear and when he brought home it’s replacement, a very uncool minivan, I cried for days.  It’s not that I have anything against minivans, it’s just that they are a definite sign that you have surpassed your carefree, petal to the metal, music blasting with the windows down glory days and stumbled into the “oh my gosh, I’m a soccer mom—I’m officially less than uncool!” days.  So when my minivan suddenly began acting funny (and I’m not saying I did anything to it—it was just good timing) my husband finally had to admit that he was wrong (yes ladies, they do sometimes do that) and find me a new car asap!  


When I found my new SUV it was really love at first sight; I instantly loved everything about it—the color, the size, the power…it was perfect!  And then about a month ago I had it in the shop—the first time—vehicle was less than 3 months old, I should have realized then that it could only get worse from there!  Eight hours and $1000 (that was thankfully covered 100% by our warranty) later I knew it was time to start looking for a replacement for our replacement!  image


Though I hated the thought of trading in our new vehicle for another new vehicle I knew it was necessary as we’ve had our SUV back in the shop two more times since then and the diagnosis only gets worse with each visit—seriously without bad luck I would have none!  This time I decided to take the task of finding another vehicle into my own hands and began looking online at several different dealers and was immediately impressed by a Chrysler dealer who had an amazing selection of vehicles priced very reasonably.  Of course, as soon as my husband caught wind of what I was doing he insisted on helping—and ladies you know that only spells trouble!


I was sure that my husband would have picked some souped up muscle car (like the one he’s been talking about for the past seven years) as a matter of fact, I would have bet the house on it, but to my surprise he called me over to the computer last night and showed me his top pick at a Jeep dealer he had found online—shocked does not begin to explain how I felt!  My husband's pick, a Jeep Compass, was everything I wanted and everything that we needed all in one! 


Though I’m kind of sad that my new vehicle is probably going to have to be traded in; I am so glad to know that my husband and I can agree on what kind of vehicle works best for our family when the time comes to purchase again…Jeep Compass here we come (soon…I hope)! 

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  1. OH MY! I've never heard of such bad luck with vehicles! I hope the next one works out for you!

    We are starting to look for a different ride. I drive a 1999 Tahoe with 350,000 miles that has never given us any trouble. I've put every one of those miles on it, and its almost like a part of the family, we've had it so long!


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