Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I have to start this post by saying that I do really like the Duggar family!  I think that they represent such a positive message and are a great example of positive parenting, however, I think that their decision to have their 20th child is going a little too far.




I’m sure that most of you remember the complications that plagued Michelle Duggar’s last pregnancy.  Little Josie Duggar did overcome a laundry list of complications and brushes with death she did ultimately make it through and was able to come home and join the rest of her siblings after months of hospitalization.  But I can’t help but wonder why Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar would choose to risk another pregnancy after the last one went so wrong. 


In my opinion, and keep in mind it’s just that, I think that the decision to go ahead with another pregnancy after so many complications with the previous pregnancy is a little reckless and even irresponsible.  Josie was lucky, she had God on her side and thankfully was able to recovery, but what happens if Michelle experiences another pregnancy plagued with problems, how is it even fair to take that kind of a risk? 


Maybe I don’t get it because my faith in God isn’t as strong as the Duggar’s, maybe I just don’t see the bigger picture, I’m willing to admit that either of those could be the case, but I also believe very strongly that the Duggar’s decision to have a 20th baby is beyond irresponsible—but that’s just me!


So, what do you think of Jim Bob and Michelle adding to the Duggar clan with baby #20?  Do you think that the Duggar’s deciding to have another baby is a good idea?  a bad idea? 


I wanna know! 


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