Tuesday, November 8, 2011

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As I mentioned earlier, MIBR is kicking off their 2011 Holiday Gift Guide with some great gift items for every member of the family—and today’s gift idea is all about the kids!

When you’re a mom there are just certain things that you know; like even if you make the kids use the potty twice before leaving the house, someone will always still have to go, that no matter what condition you add to the words, “maybe” your kids are going to insist that it means yes, and above all others, parents always recognize the need for amazing, well-made, imagination inspiring toys—that last one’s a must!  Thankfully I’ve been fortunate enough to find so many fabulous online toy stores through the time I’ve spent doing product review and one of my absolute favorites is Learning Curve!

If you’re not familiar with Learning Curve then you have no idea what you’re missing!  Learning Curve is committed to providing their customers with “classic, high-quality toys that encourage your child's imagination, pique their never-ending curiosity, appeal to their strong sense of adventure and enrich their playtime experience”.  They carry a wide range of brands that your kids love and you trust including;  Chuggington™, Lamaze®, John Deere Preschool, Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends™ and Jim Henson's Dinosaur Train™.  I don’t know about you, but those are some of my children’s favorites—especially Chuggington!

When I found out that I would be doing a review for Learning Curve for our Holiday Gift Guide I knew exactly what brand I wanted to feature—Chuggington!  Lil’ Man and Lil’ Diva have been fans of Chuggington for a while now; both of them love trains and their “friends” Wilson, Brewster and Koko are definitely their favorites! That said, I knew that both Lil’ Man and Lil’ Diva would LOVE Chuggington’s Wooden Railway: Calley’s Rescue Set!


Calley’s Rescue Set is one of Learning Curve’s Chuggington Wooden Railway sets (and my favorite by the way).  Calley’s Rescue Set features a 2-in-1 Rescue Shed:  stack for a 2-level rescue shed or unstack for a track elevator and stand-alone tunnel.  Also included in this adorable wooden train set is Calley’s Rescue Computer (with lights and sounds), Calley, Wilson, two rescue cars, two truck hazards and much more!  The track itself is a 39-piece layout and is relatively easy to put together, my BIL and I managed to construct the track in about 10 minutes, not too shabby if I do say so myself. 


The track for Calley’s Rescue Set—it looks like a lot, but really it’s super easy!


Calley’s Rescue Set constructed and ready for action!


One of our favorites exiting Calley’s Rescue Shed—Wilson! 


Calley pulling some heavy machinery! 

Since seeing is always better than the traditional, “take my word for it”, at least in my opinion, I thought I’d share a little video clip of what Calley’s Rescue Set can really do!

When I was little I always thought that there was something extra special and even kind of magical about coming downstairs on Christmas morning to find a shiny new train set wrapped around the Christmas tree!  Since it was only my sister and I and we were more interested in dolls and jewelry than wooden train sets,  I never got  to witness that magic first hand, but I promised myself that as soon as my son was old enough that WOULD happen!  I can’t wait to see Lil’ Mans reaction when he comes in and sees Calley’s Rescue Set wrapped around our tree when it goes up in a couple of weeks (I cheated and did this review when he and Lil’ Diva were asleep…shhh don’t tell them).  While it won’t necessarily be my perfect Christmas morning fantasy it will be quite a sight to come into our family room on Christmas morning and see our new Chuggington train set waiting to be played with! 

If you’re looking for a great gift for the lil’ train lover in your life then you have to check out Chuggington’s Wooden Railway set Calley’s Rescue Set—it’s sure to be a BIG hit this holiday season! 

Check out Calley’s Rescue Set (available on Learning Curve’s website for $149.99) and lots of other Chuggington train sets at Learning Curve!

Don’t forget to check out Misadventures in Baby Raising’s 2011 Holiday Gift Guide for more great gift ideas for the whole family!

Disclosure:  I received the products above to review…all opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor!


  1. The Chuggington Wooden Railway sets are on my 2 year old's Santa list. I'm trying to decide if I want to get this big set or piece together a track so he can have the chug wash and fuel station. Can you tell me how many actual track pieces this set came with? I'm so excited now that you've shared how much fun your kiddos have had with it!!

  2. Hi Keriann,

    This train set is absolutely adorable, pretty easy to put together, and super fun to play with (I'll admit even I had a little fun with it)! To answer your question, the actual track has 39 pieces (not too hard to put together) and they are of course wood so they are super durable and made to last! I hope I answered your question and I hope your son loves whichever Chuggington set Santa brings him...I know that he will! Happy Holidays!


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