Sunday, November 20, 2011

I’m on a roll tonight y’all!  And that means it’s time for more holiday gift guide goodies!  If you haven’t had a chance to check out MIBR 2011 Holiday Gift Guide then make sure you head on over and give it a look!pinkalicious_DS


Do you have a little video game fanatic at your house?  I know I sure do, Lil’ Man is better at most video games than my husband—how is that possible?  He’s 3! 


Lil’ Man isn’t the one around here who loves video games, the girls can be found most weekends chillin’ in their rooms playing on their Nintendo DS—boy, things have definitely changed since I was a kid.


While the games that the boys choose make me serious question why I even let them play video games in the first place I can totally get behind the games that my girls play—they’re more civilized and pretty and pink!  Thankfully video game manufactures are starting to realize that girls love to play too—it’s great to walk into a store and know you’ll find the perfect video games for girls instead of having to convince  them that football is girly—that never works by the way! 


We recently had the chance to check out Pinkalicious for Nintendo DS and I have to say it’s quite a fun game—yes, I played…totally #guilty!


If there’s a little girl on your holiday list who loves to play fabulously girly games then you definitely have to check this one out! 


About Pinkalicious…


Based on the best selling book of the same name, Pinkalicious is all about being girly and pink and having a major love for cupcakes and throwing parties!  This game gives players a chance join Pinkalicious and 16 of her friends as they make sugary treats like cookies, lollipops, and lemonade, and then take control of every aspect of a party.  Seriously—what little girl doesn’t LOVE all of those things? 


If you’re looking for the perfect game for your little video game princess definitely check out Pinkalicious DS With Stylus and Cleaner


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