Monday, November 14, 2011

Cold weather always means one thing for this momma—dry skin!  No matter how I try to fight it, or what products I use to try to improve it, my skin is always a mess in the winter!


I’ve tried several moisturizing products over the years to put an end to my dry, scaly winter skin, but I’ve never found a lotion or cream that could produce consist results for me—until I found Carmex!

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Dude, Carmex is totally for lips!”, and while you are right Carmex also has some of the best (and in my opinion—possibly the best) hand lotion and cream on the market!

I’ve been a fan of Carmex lip balm for years; there’s really nothing that comes close to providing me with smooth, silky lips all winter long—and for that I <3 Carmex!  It wasn’t until recently that I discovered Carmex Skin Care when as a member of the Carmex Blog Squad I had the opportunity to try out a couple of their new skin care products! 

A little more about Carmex Skin Care:

For nearly 75 years people have come to love the healing power of Carmex lip balms.  Finally, Carmex has created Carmex Skin Care as a solution to help heal, soothe and moisturize dry skin.  Not only is their formula non-greasy, it also contains quality ingredients and is  effective at fighting dry skin year round. 

First and foremost I think it’s important for me to tell you that I am extremely picky (and that’s a huge understatement—it’s more like OCD) about hand lotion!  I will only use certain brands, certain scents, and certain formulas—and finding a hand lotion or hand cream that I like is not an easy task.  I I find that most lotions leave my hands feeling gritty and greasy and not remotely soft and/or smooth—not cool when they promise relief from dry skin! 

I knew as soon as my Carmex Blog Squad Kit arrived that this review was going to go one of two ways (don’t they all though), it was either going to be really, really good—or really, really bad and I was really, really hoping for the former!  I received 2 different Carmex Skin Care products to review; Carmex Healing Lotion (in 5.5 oz and .75 oz tubes) and Carmex Healing Cream (in 4 0z. and 1 oz. tubes) and I was excited, nervous, and unsure about which one to try first!  Since I typically don’t like hand creams (they tend to be too thick and they typically don’t absorb the way I would like) I decided to try the Carmex Healing Cream first—I like to live dangerously people!  Upon opening the Carmex Healing Cream, I was a little taken back by the scent, it smelled just like the Carmex lip balm—not that it’s a bad thing, but I guess I was expecting less of a  Carmex scent and more of a hand cream scent.  As soon as I became accustomed to the scent I squeezed out a small dab of hand cream and began rubbing it into my hands—and I was instantly surprised by how much I liked it!  While it was a little tempting to rub my hands on my lips (hey, don’t judge—you’ll see when you try it) the healing cream did wonders for my dry skin!  Since I had such great results from the Healing Cream I decided to try the Carmex Healing Lotion and found that I loved it as much as I love the Healing Cream—they are both amazing and they work! 


I honestly haven’t let a single day go by since receiving my Carmex Blog Squad Kit without applying one (or both) of these Carmex Skin  Care products—I can’t say enough good things about them!  So, if you’re super picky about lotion like I am—definitely try Carmex Healing Cream and Healing Lotion—you won’t be sorry!


One MIBR reader doesn’t have to wait long to try these out because Carmex is giving one (1) MIBR reader the same Carmex Skin Care Kit that I received!  Carmex Skin Care giveaway kit includes: 

*  One 5.5 oz. Carmex Healing Lotion
*  One 4 oz. Carmex Healing Cream
*  One 1 oz. Carmex Healing Lotion
*  One .75 oz. Carmex Healing Cream

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