Monday, November 28, 2011

  • It’s nearly December and that means that the weather is getting ready to wreak havoc with my skin!  If there’s one thing I hate it’s dry, chapped winter skin, but thanks to my favorite lotion ever—Curel dry winter skin isn’t an issue for me!


    I’ve said before how thoroughly particular I am when it comes to lotion—seriously I cannot think of another beauty item that I am as picky about as my lotion—so when I say I love one…you can bet it’s the best! 

    Curel has been my go-to lotion for years, winter’s here in Ohio are just plain nasty and having a good lotion to help you get through that rough winter weather is just essential!  And Curel has enlisted the help of Katie Brown(whom I also adore) on the CurĂ©l®Facebook Fan page to bring you exclusive tips and videos straight from Katie. Whether you need help perfecting that ginger bread recipe or a budget-friendly tip on holiday decorating, Katie has you covered! 

    I had the chance to check out a couple of Curel’s best lotions, their Ultra Healing (which I use everyday) and the Skin Nourishing lotions recently wait till you see what we have to say about the healing powers of Curel!


    I’ve been a fan of Curel’s Ultra Healing lotion for a while now; it’s safe to say that I have Curel with me no matter where I am from the bottle that sits on my desk to the travel size bottle that goes everywhere with me in my purse—I always have some Curel close at hand!  While there really are a number of reasons why I choose Curel over other lotions time and again, the number one reason is because it works!  I can’t tell you how many lotions claim to be “ultra healing” and promise to “help cure even the driest skin”, only to underperform again and again!  Curel on the other hand, works every time—it’s non-greasy and soaks into your skin quickly leaving your skin feeling soft and silky and not greasy and goopy—something this super-picky mom can appreciate! 

    What I love about Curel Ultra Healing Lotion!

  • Heals skin’s moisture barrier so that skin can better lock-in and maintain moisture over time
  • Protects skin from dryness for over 24 hours
  • Extra-strength hydrating agents provide instant relief
  • Dermatologist recommended
  • Non-greasy & won’t clog pores
  • Absorbs quickly image
  • Gentle enough to use on face

  • Curel’s Skin Nourishing Lotion is is a blend of shea butter, honey and vanilla extracts that are specially formulated for a  non-greasy lotion that intensely moisturizes and deeply conditions to smooth away dry, rough skin.

  • Infused with shea butter, honey and vanilla extracts
  • Instantly nurtures and revives skin
  • Do you know someone who battles rough, dry, chapped skin all winter long?  Then you should definitely tell them about Curel’s line of fabulous products to help you fight dry winter skin all season long!

  • I’ve got a surprise for one awesome MIBR reader!  One of you is going to win some of Curel’s Skin Nourising Lotion to help fight dry skin this winter!  Details on how you can enter are below!  And don’t forget to check out Curel’s Facebook Fan Page for lots of holiday tips from Katie Brown!

    1. my feet get so dry in the winter, i like to use Curel on them before bed

    2. I have such dry skin this time of year and most lotions do not seem to work. I would love t try this.


    Can you relate? Well let me know about it!