Monday, October 24, 2011

Last week I lost my rings, well, I didn’t actually lose them, my son decided that it would be a great idea to try them on and he lost them—so not cool Lil Man!  Thankfully I found them quickly and a crisis was averted, but it got me thinking about the very real possibility of my husband losing his wedding ring, because that’s just an accident waiting to happen.


Long story short this past summer my husband had to change his diet, more specifically what he drank (kidney stones are nothing to play around with) so he stopped drinking everything except for water—and he lost over 30 pounds.  Ever since Jamie’s lost the weight he’s had a hard time keeping his wedding ring from falling off, which led me to look for a new ring for my hubby. 


My husband’s current ring has never been one that he loved, it was more of a last minute “we’re getting married and I can’t get married with a ring” kind of decision that he has always detested so I figured that getting him a new ring instead of having his resized would be a good idea.  I’ve looked at wedding rings for weeks now trying to find one that will withstand the type of punishment he’ll put it through and so far the tungsten carbide wedding ring that I found online is looking like the perfect choice!  I love that they are made to withstand the punishment that men put them through while still looking stunning.  My favorite is the gorgeous black ring below from it’s rugged enough for the work that my hubby does, but still unique and absolutely gorgeous at the same time…it’s perfect!



Now to try to figure out my husband’s ring size without him knowing it (I want to give the ring to him as a gift for Christmas) that’s going to take a little bit of skill on my part! 


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