Saturday, October 15, 2011

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Growing up can be hard work; we all remember being kids and how tough we thought we had it.  And Bill Bellamy is reminding us of all of that and more as he host's American Family Insurance's Stand Up for Family!

Watching some of Bill's stand up definitely reminds me of growing up!  I can picture my mom and grandma saying and doing some of the very things that Bill talked about in his stand up, thankfully I'm grown enough now to be able to laugh about it!  My favorite video was Bill Bellamy's Bath Time, his delivery is flawless and I'm sure that he reminded many of us of bath's that we've taken during childhood!  Donnell Rawlings Let Me Ride Your Bike also reminds me of some situations that I found myself in when I was little!

I love watching stand up comedy, but it's not every day that you find stand up that's family appropriate and I love that Stand Up For Family is that!  Being able to sit down with my children and watch stand up is something that I can't normally do simply because a lot of stand up is full of cussing and inappropriate material so it is extremely refreshing! 

I think that the videos, while they may poke fun at some of the harder lessons in life, definitely remind us of the importance of family!  These videos by AmFam are definitely a cool initiative and a great way to introduce your whole family to these amazing comedians! AmFam

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