Thursday, October 20, 2011

Some of my favorite Halloween costumes ever have been homemade costumes.  When my sister and I were little we never had store bought costumes, my mother was (and still is) amazing with a sewing machine so she insisted on making our costumes every year—and they were amazing!  Looking back I can’t remember being in a costume contest where my sister and I didn’t always take 1st and 2nd place—my mom was that good! 


Since becoming a mom myself I’ve tried my hand at homemade Halloween costumes and while I have produced a few that were amazing (if I do say so myself) I am no where near as good as my mother was creating masterpieces every year, but I try.  Since I tend to stay away from store bought costumes for my own kids, except for Lil Man as he insists on being whatever super hero that’s hot at the moment, I’m always looking for easy, creative, and fantastic costumes for my kids that I can make myself, save money on Halloween costumes, and please my kids!  I thought I’d try my hand at deconstructing a few celebrity looks and turning them into easy homemade costumes from stuff that we all have laying around the house!


Snooki from Jersey Shore





This look is the one that my oldest daughter requested for this year and though I love Snooki (and Jersey Shore) I’m not quite sure how I feel about my 12 year old being a guidette for Halloween.  I finally gave in and we came to an agreement—no siggestive clothing (AT ALL) and she can dress like Snooki (afterall Snooki is her poof and how hard can that be?)


Get the Look!


Hair:  If you don’t have black hair a black Snooki wig (like they sell at most costume stores) will do, but an easier route if you have long—ish hair is a can of temporary black hair spray.  Spray hair, tease until there’s no tomorrow, and poof till your heart’s content!  There are tons of great tutorials on YouTube…one of my daughter’s favorites is this one:



Make-up:  Snooki’s look is usually lots of eye make-up and prominent lips…so go crazy, try something different and don’t be afraid to get your Snooki on!


Dress:  This is probably the hardest and easiest part of the costume.  I choose an above the knee black dress for my daughter Taylor (enough coverage for me to be comfortable, but still having a Snooki feel to it) she paired the dress with a cute belt and a cute pair of booties and viola—Snooki’s look for next to nothing!


Maybe you want something a little more tame than Snooki?  How about Katy Perry’s look from the “Last Friday Night” video?  This look is pretty cool because you have 2 to choose from…Nerdy Katy and Cool Katy!


Nerdy Katy




IF you don’t know someone who has hung on to all of their 80’s clothing you can score an outfit similar to the one Katy wore in the video at a thrift shop for next to nothing! 


Hair:  Crazy is the name of this hair game!  Place hair in a messy (the messier the better) side braid secured with those crazy ball pony tail holders, complete with a couple of non-matching barrettes on the opposite side.  Make-up is minimal for this look, the more understated the better!


Outfit:  The outfit that Katy wears in the video can easily be mimicked by placing a neon colored pink turtleneck under a denim shorts jumper, you can complete the look with an 80’s belt…just make sure it does NOT match the shirt!


Accessories:  If you can snag some fake braces (these Billy-Bob Teeth - Braces are available on Amazon for only $12.95) do it…they totally MAKE this costume!  Make sure to pick up a pair of BIG, BIG 80’s frames to complete the look!


Cool Katy




This look is a little more complex than Nerdy Katy, but is just as awesome!


Hair:  BIG 80’s hair is what this look is all about!  A crimping iron will work wonders here, but if you don’t have one no worries here’s a simple trick that produces the same effect.  Take damp hair in small sections and braid, leave braids in hair overnight (or for as long as possible), undo braids, tease, spray with hairspray (and then spray some more) and you have perfect 80’s hair!


Make-up: I’d rather show you a great tutorial than try to explain to you how to do this look, here’s a great tutorial on YouTube that’s easy enough and very similar to Katy’s in the video!





Outfit:  This look is all about the outfit and more specifically NEON!  A neon pink long sleeved spandex cropped shirt is the exact look from the video, but for a little more appropriate look a long sleeve 80’s body suit will work as well.  The lime green spandex skirt in the video is also a little too tight and a lot too short, but a longer skirt of the same color or even a pair of lime green, spandex capris' will look great as well!  


Accessories:  For this look an great 80’s inspired pair of earrings (the brighter the better) will look amazing and LOTS and LOTS of big, chunky 80’s inspired bracelets  complete the look! 


Last but most certainly not least is my favorite female rapper Nicki Minaj (don’t hate…I LOVE her)!  I’ll be the first to admit that Nicki has a style all her own and while all of her looks might not be easily attainable with what you already have at home it CAN be done!  One of the easiest Nicki looks to recreate at home is her shorts looks from the Super Bass video and here’s how!





Hair:  Curl hair in loose curls,separate curls with fingers and spray with hairspray to hold, spray hair with temporary pink hair color to complete the look.


Make-up:  Again I believe that seeing is believing and here’s another great tutorial from YouTube!



Outfit:  This look is super simple to recreate with items that most of us have in our closets!  A white tank top (or wife beater as we call them around here) or even a white t-shirt paired with a pair of short denim shorts is all you really need to snag Nicki’s look.  If you want to go all out these  Dr. Martens Hot Pink AirWair 8-Eye Boots are the same ones that Nicki wears in the video and they are fierce! 


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