Thursday, October 20, 2011

When you think of Ohio you don’t normally think of exotic animals, but on Tuesday night the normally quiet town of Zanesville, OH became a war zone complete with wild animals roaming through town and sheriff's with high powered rifles and “shoot to kill” orders!




On Tuesday night Sherriff’s deputies in Zanesville, Ohio shot around 50 wild animals including; 18 rare Bengal tigers, 17 lions, bears, mountain lions, and assorted other exotic animals after they were set free from the wild animal reserve that they called home.  Terry Thompson, owner of the Muskingum Wild Animal Farm in Zanesville, Ohio turned nearly 60 wild animals loose from their cages at his farm before committing suicide.  Though it is unclear why Thompson chose to set the animals free before committing suicide, some have speculated that it was done as “an act of spite against his neighbors and police”.




One of the many lions killed by police in Zanesville on Wednesday.


Tuesday evening into Wednesday residents of Zanesville were  in complete lockdown mode as they were told to stay indoors, school was canceled and highway signs warned motorists to stay in their vehicles “exotic animals on the loose”—far from a typical day in small town Ohio! 


For more information as well as video, photos (warning: some photos are graphic) check out

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