Monday, August 29, 2011

There are many things that make where I live unique and interesting:  the fact that George Clooney  chose to premiere his movie Leatherheads in 2008 less than a mile from my house, or perhaps it’s the backdrop of the Ohio River in nearly all of my childhood memories, or maybe it’s things like the Ohio Tobacco Festival held in tiny Ripley, OH that make this place so special to all of us who have the honor of calling it home!  It’s not often that I share too much information about where I live, um hello—can you say stalkers, but every once in a while I can’t help but give you guys a peak of where I’m from! 


Every year at the end of August tens of thousands of people converge on the tiny town of Ripley, Ohio to celebrate all things tobacco!  Now, I know that the name is probably very off-putting, but I assure you to the people in this little town, who years ago made their living growing tobacco, it’s a rite of passage.  The highlights of the OTF include an opening day parade that halts traffic in both directions for nearly an hour every year, bed races (one of the most popular events), street vendors, tons of amazing festival food, a carnival section with games and rides for the kids, and just a chance to spend one of the last weekends of summer with family and friends! 


This past weekend my husband and I took our two youngest children to the OTF and we had a blast (as always) and though a lot has changed since my husband and I were younger it’s hard not to escape back to childhood (if only for a moment) as the smell of Funnel Cakes fill the air!


If you want a good laugh make sure you check out the video below that an old classmate of mine and my husbands made about the OTF…you WILL laugh!    I thought I’d share a few photos with you all…enjoy!










Tractor parking…only in Ohio!




Lil Man riding an airplane ride…I was terrified the entire time my kiddos were on this ride…it looked older than me!




I don’t think Lil Diva had a clue how scary this ride was for Mommy.




The Camel booth where you could go in learn about tobacco and get cigarettes for $1 a pack…I cannot believe the line was so short considering cigarettes are $5 a pack here!




The amazing view—makes you wanna visit huh?


I promised I share something funny with y’all!  A guy that I went to school with made this video about the Ohio Tobacco Festival and it cracks me up every single time I watch it…enjoy!



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