Monday, August 8, 2011

I’ve always been a big book reader and now that I’m a mom I still love reading, but my choice in books has changed from James Patterson to children’s books.  Honestly I don’t mind too much that I don’t always have time to dive into a book of my choice, I’m just thankful that all 4 of my children love reading and being read to as much as they do.  And while I never mind reading my children whatever book their hearts desire I love when they fall in love with a book that is fun but also educational. image


Recently we had the chance to review a book that is both fun and educational, My Best Friend, Abe Lincoln:   A Tale of Two Boys From Indiana. 


About the book:


“History buff Robert Bloch has given children a whole new perspective on the early life of one of America’s best known Presidents. 

My Best Friend, Abe Lincoln, looks at the early life of Abraham Lincoln (11-14 years old, 1820-1823) through the eyes of a fictional best friend, as he grows up in southwestern Indiana and changes from a young country boy with pants always too short to the sixteenth President of the United States!”

About the Author:


“Robert L. Bloch has worked at the H&R Foundation since 1989.  His passions are Art, History and American History.  Bob graudated from Menlo College in Menlo Park, California, (1974) and the University of Missouri at Kansas City (1979).

He lives in Mission Hills, Kansas and has four sons and a wonderful wife.”image

Like Bloch, I also love history, and that is just one of the many reasons I loved this book so much.  Bloch has a way with words and does an amazing job of weaving facts into this fictional story so effortlessly.  Through the fictional character of Sam Harding, Bloch gives you  a sense of what one of the most beloved American Presidents may have been like as a young boy and in a way you come away from reading the book feeling like you know young Abe Lincoln.  One of my son’s favorite things about this book is the illustration, beautifully done by former Disney Studios animation artist, John Ewing.  One of my favorite things about My Best Friend, Abe Lincoln is that it opened up a discussion between me and my children about so many different things; what it was like in the 1800’s, slavery and of course, Abe Lincoln’s life and presidency. 


If your children love history you have to check out this book, it’s fun and educational and just a great story to tell your kids!


You can purchase My Best Friend, Abe Lincoln in bookstores online and wherever books are sold.


*I received a copy of My Best Friend, Abe Lincoln to facilitate my review, all opinions are 100% my own!*


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