Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Y’all may remember me talking about a cool new campaign I am working on through the WB Word of Mouth, Supernatural: The Anime Series DVD/ Blu-Ray?  Well, it’s week 2 and that means another cool prompt (I love these) and more details to share with all of you Supernatural fans!62a6da83ec_Set


This week’s prompt is:


The creators of Supernatural were able to construct an animated world in which there were no boundaries. This new look into Supernatural brings new perspective to the show. From adding color, intensity and action to scenes, to vivid images of horrifying demons, the medium does not disappoint. Has your perspective ever changed by looking at life moments in a new light? If you were to develop a story about your life would you want it to be told on film or animated in ink? Why?


First and foremost, yes, my perspective has definitely changed by looking at different moments in my life in a new light.  I can remember when I still lived at home with my parents, I remember getting into awful arguments with my mother because I wanted to hang out with my friends and go out when she thought that doing those things would only lead me down the wrong path.  (Truth is she was right, just don’t tell her that!)  I never really understood what the big deal was with me just wanting to party with my friends, fast forward several, several years and now I completely understand why she tried so hard to keep me on the right path.  As a parent myself I know that I will always do whatever I need to do to keep them on the straight and narrow and though I didn’t see or understand it at the time that is exactly what my mom was trying to do with me…thanks mom!


This next question is a fun one and I know exactly what my answer will be.  If I were to develop a story about my life I would want it to me told on film, why?  Well, because while I do love animation I also love the truth and honesty behind real people on the screen in front of you playing a role…and let’s face it, my life is crazy so all of the emotions that real actors would bring to the table are definitely needed to tell my story!


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