Wednesday, June 22, 2011

As many of you may already know we moved into a new house (one that I hope and pray will be our last “new” house for a while…I hate moving) in February.  While I love the house it’s not huge and with our big family that means that we have to get rather creative when coming up with sleeping arrangements and storage options.  Shortly after we moved in my brother-in-law, y’all may remember Travis from our “How Do You Say” vlog hop videos, moved in with us and with 7 people and all of their “stuff” it’s not always easy to find space to put it. 

One of the biggest problems we have is with our clothing and with limited closet space the need for other options is definitely there.  One of the solutions that I came up with rather quickly was to add more bedroom dressers, and while that option made the most sense it also opened up new problems for us.  The girls’ room, which is the biggest by the way, easily fit another dresser, but with all of their other “stuff” it was clear that the dresser would have to do double duty.  With that in mind I decided to use the dresser as both a storage device and TV stand in one that eliminated their old clunky TV stand and even freed up a little more room for them to play. 

Next on my list was the boys’ room, while the only “boy” who technically sleeps in the room is my step-son my brother-in-law also sleeps in the room so the already small bedroom is even smaller.  Though my son doesn’t sleep in his room yet, and I sincerely hope that changes soon, his stuff is in his bedroom and that means that the closet is already occupied with my son and my step-sons clothing making my BIL go in search of another option to store his clothing.  He luckily found a nice chest of drawers for sale and we very creatively found a way to make it work in the room…we currently use it as both a chest of drawers and a TV/DVD/game system stand.image

That left my bedroom to tackle, and while my husband and I do have a rather large closet that accommodates all of our clothing we also have the task of storing Lil Diva’s clothing in our bedroom.  When we moved in I found a gorgeous dresser and mirror set (much like the one above) that fit with the style of our room but also allowed for Lil Diva’s growing collection of clothing. 

In the end we did find room for all of our stuff and though we had to get creative and figure out how to make one piece of furniture work in two ways we did it and it looks and works great.  Now if I could only get my husband started finishing the basement so that we will have two extra bedrooms I can work on redecorating upstairs!


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