Friday, April 8, 2011

One of my goals this year was to vlog more…well, Annie over at Mama Dweeb has a fun Blog Hop going on called…How Do you Say…and it looked like fun so I thought I’d play along.  How it works is you are given a list of words to say (you know people from different parts of the country say things differently and it’s always fun to hear how someone else says something) as well as some questions to answer and you pretty much make a video of you saying the words and answering the questions.  You can get a better explanation of the blog hop over at Mama Dweeb so maybe you can play along!


My brother-in-law has been staying with us and since I didn’t want to get on camera by myself he was a good sport and decided to play along with me…enjoy!  hold up…for some reason the audio and video do not sync up for most of the video…not sure what happened but this was like the 10th take so I refused to do it again.



The Questions/Words

Pillow, Exhausted, Governor, Entrepreneurial, Calm, Milwaukee Wisconsin, Bagel, ambulance, aqua, femoral, address, rural, hypocrisy


What do you call a store where you buy alcohol?
What do you call it when you blow on a baby’s tummy and make them laugh?
What do you call batting your eyelashes on someone’s cheek?
What is another way of saying, “to deceive,” or “swindle?”
What is a funny way to say someone is not smart? (one fry short of a happy meal?)
Another name for butt?
What do you call it when you drive through mud. Lots of it, often fast and pray you don’t get stuck?

How Do You Say blog hop


  1. I'm from Central Ohio so there were a few differences between what you say and how I would have responded to the questions. Even within the same state there are quite a few differences.

    For example:
    "What do you call it when you drive through mud. Lots of it, often fast and pray you don’t get stuck?"
    - I didn't even have a word for that. There wasn't much mud in Columbus to even come up with a word.

    "What do you call a store where you buy alcohol?"
    - One of my friends from Cincinnati would have said "Pony Keg"

    "What do you call it when you blow on a baby’s tummy and make them laugh?"
    - We always called it a Zerbert.

  2. LOL you guys are hilarious together. And I want his brownie. Yummm.....peanut butter brownie :)

    OMG we call people rednecks around here. There aren't any hillbillies, just rednecks and white trash. (I hate that term, but people say it, and trailer trash. Hate that one worse). Hill jacks? I have never heard that term before.

    It's official, Entrepreneurial is the worst word ever. And Rural is next in line.
    And I have heard "take them for a ride." LOL But I don't say it much.
    SO SO Glad you joined in! This was loads of fun!

  3. Haha! That was the best video! I didn't even think of the Ghetto Booty thing, we always say several family members have one of those ;) Also, never heard of Hilljacks?? We've got lots of Hillbillies in these parts though! Have a great weekend

  4. I am so guilty of saying "pEllow"! I didn't realize it until this year when some one from Philadelphia pointed it out. I also say mElk. Ugh! Gotta work on it:) Enjoyed your vlog very much and oh, those brownies looked delicious!!!

  5. You guys are just too cute. I think you guys said entrepreneurial pretty well. I love the way you both said rural... very "country" or "redneck" however you'd like to be called.
    I think you should vlog with your concussed BIL everytime, it was funny... he's adorable (too bad I'm married and too old - HaHa).
    Have a great weekend.


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