Monday, June 6, 2011

You may remember a post that I wrote many moons ago about Lil Man finally sleeping in his own bed (after many, many months of sleeping in ours) yes well that was two years ago and Lil Man has firmly decided that he does not want any part of sleeping in his own bed, instead he plans to sleep in between my husband and I…FOR-EBER (or at least that’s what he tells me).  Since Lil Man wormed his way back into our bed, and seriously have you seen this kid…he’s freaking adorable I just can’t say no, I’ve been begging and pleading with my husband to get a new bed, a bigger bed, one that will accommodate the three of us…for now anyway.

I’m happy to report that my husband has finally had one too many sleepless nights and mornings waking up with his head on the nightstand and his need to be frugal took a major backseat to his need for a good nights sleep…so he finally agreed to look for a new bed!  (I’m SO doing this happy dance over here). 

For a while now I’ve had my heart set on the Japanese bed style, I think it’s so different and modern and clean, a total departure from what I’m used to and I love that about them.  So this past weekend I went on the hunt for a platform bed that reminded me of the Japanese style that I’ve grown so fond of.  To my surprise I found a variety of discount platform beds that had everything that I was looking for and then some and I couldn’t wait to share my finds with my husband and get his opinion. 


I decided from the beginning that I wanted dark wood as opposed to the light wood of our current frame.  After what seemed like forever searching for the perfect bed we found one that we both immediately fell in love with (alright maybe I liked it a little more than he did).  The bed that we finally decided on is a bed frame in dark chocolate in the platform style that I love (see that bed above?  well that’s exactly what we will be buying very soon).  I love how the bed seems to just float, it’s the perfect style, color, and everything that I wanted and I cannot wait to bring it home and sleep in it…with Lil Man in the middle of course.


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