Monday, May 2, 2011

As all moms know there’s always a reason to throw a fun party, and what better reason than to celebrate the Limited Edition HEXBUG Nano Easter Egg!  We had the opportunity to host an in-home HEXBUG Nano Party for our lil ones and a few of their friends Easter weekend and believe me when I say that the Easter Bunny was not the only one with cool eggs this year!


If you have kiddos then you probably know all about HEXBUG Nano, most of my kids love them, except for Kinley she was not very excited about vibrating little bugs…at first anyway.  As I mentioned above we had the opportunity to host a HEXBUG Nano party (thanks to MommyParties , Mom Select and Innovation First Labs, Inc.).  We choose to host  the party the Saturday before Easter since the HEXBUG Nano Easter Eggs fit perfectly with Easter.  The kids invited a few of their friends, played some games, ate lots of yummy treats, and had a BLAST with their HEXBUG Nano Easter Eggs!


I have to admit I was a little hesitant at first about having all sorts of creepy crawlies roaming around the house, but honestly the HEXBUG Nano’s are too cute, and the kids have played with them every day since our party so in my book that is a major success!  You can check out some pictures and a video from our party below, and make sure you check out the Limited Edition HEXBUG Nano Easter Eggs (available at select Radio Shack locations, including for only $4.99).














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