Monday, March 21, 2011

My children love being creative; they love to paint, draw, color…you name it, if  it’s related to art they’re all for it!  It makes me so happy to see one, or all of them opt for drawing in a sketchpad over playing video games or watching television.  I think encouraging creativity in our children is one of the greatest things that we can do for our kids as the bounds of creativity are endless!  That being said I love companies who encourage creativity in children too, and one such company is, The Company Store through the Kids’ Design Contest!  Check out all of the information about both The Company Store and their Kids’ Design Contest below.




“The Company Store, known for its comfort, design and value since 1911, offers top quality, down comforters and pillows, sheets, towels, and home accessories.  The best-selling, American-made LaCrosse Comforter offers unique craftsmanship ensuring the ultimate in sleeping comfort, a lifetime guarantee and is available in a full palette of fashion colors.  Other top collections include wrinkle-free bedding, fashion quilts, and a bamboo collection that features sheets, towels, blankets and loungewear. The Company Store offers extensive monogramming, and other custom services in their LaCrosse, Wisconsin factory.  The Company Store sells its merchandise through catalogs and the internet at”


The Company Store, celebrating their 100th anniversary, today announced the launch of their Kids’ Design Contest, a program geared at inspiring creativity while supporting art education and charitable work among America's youth.  Under this initiative, The Company Store will accept original artwork from children 12 years and under.  The winning piece will be transformed into a comforter print for their ongoing Buy One, Give One Comforter Donation Program, in which The Company Store donates a new comforter to a homeless child for every comforter sold.


"Since launching this endeavor in January, we've seen an immensely positive response from consumers who view this as an opportunity to make a purchase while simultaneously giving back to their community,” says Dennis Warner, Chief Marketing Officer of The Company Store.  "This next phase is a chance to engage and involve children while demonstrating that making a difference in the world can be both enjoyable and rewarding."image


Submissions will be accepted on the Facebook page for Company Kids (, the children’s division of The Company Store.  Voting will be open to the general public beginning March 28th through April 22nd.   


Not only is this an incredible way to help foster creativity in children, it also helps out a very worthy cause.  So pull out the paint, markers, crayons whatever you have on hand and have your child design something amazing…it may end up being turned into a comforter and help a worthy cause all at the same time! 


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