Monday, March 28, 2011

Being the youngest in a houseful of older siblings means lots of things don’t always go Lil Diva’s way.  Take for instance the times Lil Diva is trying to tell Mommy and Daddy something, but we can’t hear her over her older siblings screaming and yelling, or the times when Lil Diva wants so badly to go outside and play with the big kids but she’s not big enough…but Lil Diva takes it all in stride!  Every once in a while I make sure to let Lil Diva have things here way and when she gets the chance her first request is always to watch the TV show or movie of her choice…and more often than not her choice is Max &  Ruby!  And just in time for Spring Max & Ruby have a new DVD coming out on April 12th:  Max & Ruby:  Rainy Day Play!Max&Ruby_RainDayPlay


Max & Ruby’s Rainy Day Play features 12 episodes of Max & Ruby fun for your little one, and it makes a great real life rainy day so much more fun!  I love that Lil Diva can sit and watch 2 or 3 episodes of Max&Ruby and learn so much that carries over into her day…she has learned so much about being helpful and kind from watching Max & Ruby!  Lil Diva can enjoy a few episodes of one of her favorite shows and I can get a little blogging done…a definite win-win!  And what better time to pick up a copy of Max&Ruby":  Rainy Day Play than just in time for your little one’s Easter basket?


Max&Ruby:  Rainy Day Play will be available on DVD April 12th where Nickelodeon videos are sold.  DVD SRP:  $16.99


Another favorite Nickelodeon show in our house is Go Diego Go!  Lil Man went through a rather long phase where he was Diego and everything was about Go Diego Go!  Since both Lil Man and Lil Diva love animals and adventure, it’s a given that Go Diego Go would be one of their favorite shows! 


If you have a lil one in your house who adores Diego like my kids do then you’ll definitely want to know that Go Diego Go:  Diego Saves The World will also be coming to DVD on April 12th!  And I know that I don’t need to tell you that Diego Saves The World would make an excellent Easter basket addition!


Make sure you check out both of these Nickelodeon shows on DVD April 12th! 


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