Wednesday, September 1, 2010

As I’ve mentioned before mosquitoes are a huge issue where we live.  After 4 p.m. it’s a battle just to sit outside with the kids and enjoy the sun.  Between constantly reapplying bug repellent (which never seems to work) and swatting away the mosquitoes who are not afraid of the bug repellent, it’s just easier to stay inside…which we hate to do.  And then I discovered the OFF clip on bug repellent device and I became public enemy number 1 as far as the mosquitoes were concerned.  image
OFF is a product that I buy and use religiously in the summer, with mosquitoes as bad as they are around here we have no choice but to make sure our children are protected.  I normally buy and use the OFF spray or wipes for the babies, but I don’t always think about myself so needless to say, I often get ravaged by mosquitoes.  Another problem I come across using sprays and wipes is that while they are affective for a while after application, it sometimes becomes necessary to reapply.  When I first received my OFF Clip-On Mosquito repellent I was excited to try it out, and it didn’t take long before I had the chance to do so.  Before I get into what I thought about the OFF Clip-On Repellent here is some great information about the product from the website:
Enjoy the protection of OFF!® Clip-On™ repellent when:
  • Relaxing in your backyard
  • Lounging at the beach
  • Gardening
  • Camping
  • Attending sporting events
  • Enjoying the park image
Effective Protection
Within minutes, OFF!® Clip-On™ repellent provides personal protection from mosquitoes. If you move, allow a few minutes for the unit to rebuild its protection. Protects against mosquitoes that may carry West Nile Virus
No Skin Application
Unlike ordinary personal repellents, OFF!® Clip-On™ repellent provides mosquito protection without putting anything on your skin.
Fan Powered
The quiet, battery-powered fan circulates repellent all around you. Batteries are included.
OFF!® Clip-On™ repellent uses an active ingredient with no scent.
Each refill provides up to 12 hours of head-to-toe protection. One refill is included with the unit. OFF!® Clip-On™ repellent refills are sold separately and contain 2 repellent disks (for a total of 24 hours of mosquito protection).
Easy to Use - Clip it on or set it next to you
When clipped to your clothing or just laid on a flat surface nearby, this compact device provides head-to-toe protection.
As I mentioned above it didn’t take long for me to have the opportunity to use the Clip-On repellent, the same night I received it I joined my kids in the front yard for a little after dinner playtime.  Something I want to mention (that should sound like common sense, unless you’re me and don’t do it) is to read the directions, I was wearing the Clip-On for a good half hour before I realized that it wasn’t even turned on…so read the directions!  I also want to point out how easy it is to get the unit turned on and working.  Once I got the unit working (my unit was defective and seemed to stop and go of its own will) it was very effective in keeping the mosquitoes at bay.  Since the OFF Clip-On Repellent is not recommended for use on children under 3 I couldn’t use it on the babies, but several times the older kids used it and noticed a significant improvement on the amount of mosquitoes they saw while playing outside.  I did like the fact that you could sit the clip-on repellent unit on a table or bench and still effectively keep mosquitoes from invading your space and ruining your fun!  Aside from the convenience aspect the OFF clip-on repellent is portable—you can take it on a family picnic, wear it at your Labor Day BBQ, clip it on and go for a walk, affordable—refills are very affordable, and effective!
Overall I would say that the OFF Clip-On Mosquito Repellent unit is a good buy! 
Buy it!
You can purchase the OFF Clip-On mosquito repellent at most major retailers!


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