Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Since I am the Queen of multi-tasking I thought what better way to get in another review for the Kodak EasyShare M580 camera.  All of the shots below were taken with the M580 and are of some of the amazing scenery around Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky.
KodakI love this photo.  I shot it using the M580 panoramic feature.  This is actually the flood wall that separates Maysville from the river and flooding.  The murals were painted several years ago and depict scenes of Maysville’s history!
Rosemary Clooney 
This is another favorite,. again shot with the M580.  Rosemary Clooney (she starred in White Christmas with Bing Crosby) is originally from Maysville so she is adored here.  This mural depicts the facade of the Russell Theater which to this day is being restored thanks to Rosemary’s efforts!  Oh and just so you know, YES she was George Clooney’s aunt…he came to Maysville (and brought along co-star Renee Zellweger) to premiere his film Leatherheads in 2008…we were there freezing our butts off to catch a glimpse and we did…it was pretty cool!
Rosemary Clooney, White Christmas
The view from the boat ramp at our local park.
Same vantage point as above just magnified thanks to the amazing zoom of the M580!
Last but not least the view of the Ohio River I see daily and the bridge I cross daily to leave Ohio and go into Kentucky…pretty neat that I go from one state to the next nearly every day huh?


  1. Very cool! Love the pics and think the camera sounds fabulous.

  2. Beautiful! Love the mural pics.

  3. great shots! Nice to see where you're at!

  4. The murals are beautiful. Sometimes it is nice to stop are really see where you live. Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a beautiful place! I love the murals!

  6. Those are great pictures, love the first one. Different

  7. Beautiful shots! Love the murals the most.

  8. Those murals are so neat! Lovely photos!

  9. Very nice pictures! I love to see new places!

  10. I love the murals on the flood wall, nice way to keep it attractive. And a great shots with the KodaK !Amazing!


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