Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We need to have a serious discussion.  I’m kind of annoyed that I have to be the one to do this, I mean really you should have parents or significant others that tell you when you’re making an ass of yourself, but since those people do not seem to be doing their jobs as of late I guess I’ll be the one to have “the talk” with you!
I love Facebook—I really do.  I don’t get the appeal of Twitter (or maybe I’m just not fast enough to keep up with the endless stream of tweets), and MySpace is for 12 year olds, so that pretty much leaves Facebook.  I like being able to reconnect with old friends from high school that I haven’t seen in years and keep up with the busy lives of family and friends.  There are however, a few things about Facebook and some of its users that drive me INSANE!
1.  Friend A suggests you become friends with Friend B, C, D, E, F, and probably G…really?  I don’t need you to tell me that I should be friends with someone I think I can figure that much out on my own.  Now I’m not talking about the people who occasionally do this I am talking to the people who do this a thousand times a day. 
I get email notifications from Facebook and every single time you suggest a friend for me I get that shit in my inbox.  My inbox is FULL as it is…so STOP it!  And for those of you who will no doubt say “Quit bitching and just turn off email notifications.”…ummm no thank you I like knowing when someone responds to a comment…it’s just as easy for you NOT to check my name…I don’t care who you think I should know I’m not interested.
2.  I read somewhere a while back that blogging is a gateway drug and twitter is heroin or something like that.  While I tend to agree with that statement I’m taking it one step further…I think that Facebook is a gateway drug and Farmville is heroin.  I detest Farmville.  I mean far be it for me to deprive people from fertilizing their crops and building barns, but I don’t need to know every single time you give someone a brick or water someone’s flowers.  Not only is it annoying as shit it pisses me off that I have to weed through 500 status updates from Farmville to get to the updates I do care to read!
If you happen to be one of my FB friends and you happen to “geek out” when Farmville is down…GET HELP!  I’m sure there is a support group somewhere or a program you can get into to to help with your addiction…admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery! 
3.  Tagging me in photos of PS3’s and IPad’s to enter a contest!  First of all…really?  I mean you need an IPad bad enough to SPAM all of your FB friends?  I want an IPad too, but I don’t think making all of my FB friends mad is the right way to go about getting one!  Not only is this annoying as all hell, it will also get you unfriended or whatever you would like to call it!  STOP tagging me in photos of inanimate objects…it’s just weird! 
I would like to close by saying that while I love all of my Facebook friends and fans I cannot stand the people who do the 3 things listed above.  I mean in all fairness I am sure they are good people, but they make me want to stick forks in my eyes and that’s not conducive to a very healthy relationship now is it?  So if you would like to stay on my good side please stop the madness, or if you’re hell-bent on making sure everyone who friends you on FB hates you then go ahead and do your evil deeds…but don’t be surprised when your name ends up on my “People Who Hate Their Facebook Friends” post!
Love and Hugs,


  1. Farmville did AWFUL things to our computer! As soon as my DH stopped playing it, the viruses went away!!!

    Your post had me cracking up AND nodding my head-- you hit the nail dead on!


  2. Elizabeth

    I'm glad you found the humor in it, I was really afraid that people would think it was bitchy, which I guess in a way it totally was lol. I really hate Farmville though, it truly is the most annoying "game" I have ever heard of!

  3. I just recently learned how to "hide" all those stupid farmville/etc., apps on my wall - WOOT! I felt like I had given my facebook account a shower!

  4. Hello my name is Tammy...and I'm a FarmVille addict

    But I'm a responsible addict - I only post my game feed to my friends who play also. Isn't that nice of me?

  5. Tammy you ARE a responsible addict but sadly most are not and it makes me crazy!

  6. I used to be hooked on the Facebook games. Now, my daughter plays mine. They've lost their appeal.

  7. lol.... so true. I need to learn how to hide a bunch of that stuff as well. I don't think you were being bitchy at all. It is funny because it is true!

  8. LOL, I love it. Great post. There is a video about the "things I hate about Facebook" - I will try to find it and link it because it is HYSTERICAL!

  9. Completely agree! I blocked farmville, fishville, mafia wars.... all of the games a long time ago because it drives me insane. And yeah, I hate twitter too lol.

  10. I stopped playing all the silly games. It's annoying when you get a message that someone posted on your wall only to have it be another Farmville post

  11. I agree! You can block them from showing up which works wonderfully with all of the silly games on there. Plus, you can block invites to play too. I used to hate getting those things. Ugh!

  12. OMG! Thank you for saying this. I don't play these games and its irritating when I get all these posts regarding this and friend recommendations. Love the post.


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