Tuesday, June 8, 2010

So much madness has been going on in my neck of the woods lately, and my neck of the woods happens to be HOT and very humid lately as well,  thank you very much Mother Nature.  It seems like so long since I’ve actually had time to sit down and write a post that wasn’t review related…and to be honest it’s long overdue!

First off I have some amazing news…wait for it…Little Man is potty trained!  I didn’t want to announce it sooner and jinx the whole situation, but two weeks have passed without wearing diapers (except for to bed, because to be completely honest I’m a little crazy, BUT I am not stupid)!  I am so proud of my Little Man he has done a remarkable job going to the potty (even while outside playing in his little pool) and not one single accident!  100_6652

I have tried many times before to potty train him and even had some success a few months ago, but nothing like this time.  I truly feel like it will be no time at all and my Little Man will be in underwear (or unawear as he calls them) 24/7!  I guess I just needed to give Gaige time to be comfortable with going to the potty—and boy did he ever get comfortable quick!  I’m such a proud Mommy right now!

Was potty training your child this easy?


  1. My daughter has been making fantastic progress lately. She has autism with very minimal speech, so it has been challenging. She is doing it though :)

  2. Sha! He looks adorable in those big sunglasses.

  3. We are trying with my daughter, she is only 22 months so it is taking a while- but she will go on the potty and ask to go, but still has a bit to go LOL

  4. Wow. Great job Little Man.
    Using the toliet instead of a diaper is what big boys do,
    so you're a big kid now.

  5. wow- great job!! We are working on it with my daughter, but not there yet (23 months)

  6. WTG! I need to start thinking about PT our daughter but I'm just not up to it.


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