Monday, June 21, 2010

If you’ve read my blog for any length of time then you know all about my love of reality TV.  I will sit and watch a reality show about catching Great White sharks like it’s the most interesting thing on television…ever (and this particular show is by the way).  I find myself watching shows that I would never really imagine me watching, but strangely I do.  My new guilty pleasure is Ice Road Truckers on the History Channel!image OMG have you seen this show?  Not only are these people extremely unstable, (I mean come on…you have to admit, anyone willing to drive a semi on that road is just crazy) they are now officially my new heroes…none more than the lone lady in a sea of men…Lisa!  I am not sure what drew me to Ice Road Truckers in the first place, but now I am hooked, I spent the better part of my Sunday fighting terrible heartburn and watching IRT.  These truck drivers are seriously freaking Rock Stars and I just had to share how much I enjoy them (and the show) with y’all!
Do you watch Ice Road Truckers?  Maybe you have another, similarly strange, guilty pleasure reality show?  I wanna know…you know how much I love to talk about reality TV!


  1. Me and hubby watch this together all the time. He loves it, I think they are crazy!

  2. My husband and I watch it all the time. If we lived in Alaska he would more than likely be one of those guys, but thank the lord we only live in PA!

  3. We started watching IRT about midway through their first season a few years ago. We love that show!


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