Saturday, June 19, 2010

MH900442480Yesterday as I was folding laundry my son and I had an impromptu conversation about boys and girls and their *ahem* parts!  Now Little Man has been potty training (hard core like the champ he is) for nearly a month now so he hears “Don’t sqeeze your pee pee that hard.” and “Point your pee pee into the toilet.” a few dozen times a day, so I think it’s pretty safe to say he knows what a pee pee is.  Little Man has also been introduce (quiet unwillingly I might add) to the word po po  (what my girlies have called their private parts forever) one night while in the bathtub he noticed that Little Diva’s parts were pretty different than his and that raised a whole host of questions from him. 
Fast forward to yesterday and our conversation!
Me:  (Folding a bra and sitting it on my bed) Thank you so much for your help Bub, that’s so nice of you!
Little Man:  Yea Mommy!  (picking up said bra) That your boobs Mom?
Me:  Um no that is my bra silly boy, it holds my boobies.
Little Man:  Oh yea mommy!  (putting the bra on) I wear you ba?
Me:  Um  better not Bub bras are for girls.
Little Man:  (struggling to get the bra on) I not a girl? 
Me:  Nope Bub you’re a boy…boys don’t wear bras do they?
Little Man:  (taking the bra off)  No Mommy!  Daddy a boy?
Me:  Yes Bub he is…good job!
Little Man:  TayTay a boy?
Me:  No Taylor is a girl!
This started a whole line of “Is this person a boy or girl?” questions that magically morphed into what I like to call “The Pee Pee/Po Po Game”!
Bub:  Bub Bub has a pee pee and Sissy has a po po!
Me:  Yes, that’s right!  What does mommy have?
Bub:  (Smiling hardcore)  BOOBIES!
See that proves it…men (no matter what age) can’t get past the boobs!


  1. He is definitely something else that's for sure! Thanks for reading!


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